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  1. Hell yeah, any time man! Looking forward to the build!
  2. Box all the way to the back of the trunk, subs and port firing forward, sealed off with trim panels (the "wall" you were talking about) will give great results. Give you the flexibility of putting back seats down for when you want to turn up, or up when you have passengers. If you are running 4k watts to these subs in a 3 cube net box, then minimum port area (according to Triticum's port calculator, which is pretty on par with WINISD for keeping port velocity below 32m/s) the min. port area required for a slot port is 60 inches squared, and for an aero port is 51 inches squared. Optimal port area is 81 square inches for slot and aero ports. If you shoot for over the minimum, the box should perform well.
  3. Plan is to go 2-way active for now. The SSA Evil tweets are silk dome, which I have preferred over Titanium as they sound too harsh and bright for me. I don't have much, if any, experience with textile dome tweeters. I have some Crescendo silk domes that came from an old cheap Cresecendo component set (doesn't look like they sell it any more) that I will be using to get me by until I have funds enough to come back to tweets.
  4. I am tweeter shopping. I planned on going with the Evil tweets to match my mids, but I'm not so sure I care to have matching tweets anymore...
  5. Damn, that thing shines up nice! I think Kyblack was literally just saying in another thread today that he hated his 360.3... that sucks man...
  6. Looks awesome! You can always throw in some white led strip lights on the floor or in the doors, then throw them on a different switch, or on the same switch as the doors. Then when you need real light to find something, you can just flip them bad boys on.
  7. I made cardboard templates for what fit tight to box and trunk, then traced onto mdf, cut them slightly larger, then trimmed to fit. They were so tight they would actually stay in place on their own, so I attached with angles to the box and used some heavy foam weather stripping to create a seal around the edges of the trim panel. Wasn't anything permanent, but served it's purpose for the short period of time I had my car like that. If I were you, I'd probably foam in with black multipurpose great stuff so you don't have to paint it. Then you can carve any excess off once dry and be done with it.
  8. Sub all the way to the back of the trunk firing forward, amps in front of the sub.
  9. I had my sub sealed off in my old Cobalt, amps in front of the sub, and it knocked down trunk rattle (trunk was deadened with Second Skin) and audibly was louder in the 30-below hz range.
  10. Nice build man! Do you plan on sealing the subs off firing forward? Would definitely help with your rattles, and gain a little in the dbs.
  11. I checked the specs from the link. I was curious how a 2X150 amp would push that sub myself, then checked the link and was impressed. Definitely would like to see these things in action! Will check out BigDWiz's amp test video.
  12. I'm assuming that high af dampening factor has something to do with the perceived power output of those amps? Or are they just severely underrated?
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