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  1. I appreciate the response. I'm looking at being right around 72'' of port area. I've designed the enclosure and should start on it this weekend. I'm also doing valve cover gaskets, polly urethane engine and transmission mounts, sway bars and bushings, plus running the 1/0 wire and hopefully installing the batteries. It will be a long few days of working after hours but should pay off. I'll post some pics in the members rides section. Thanks!
  2. Hey bass heads. looking for some advice. I'm working with a 2005 Audi S4. I'm trying to figure out the best way to arrange the box design for output and efficiency. Being that it is a trunk car, there is an arm wrest that folds down and can be used to port through the rear seat. I'd rather not port through the package tray unless its determined this is absolutely the most efficient way to do it. I have planned on building a "wall" on the back of the rear seat mounts, to seal off that the box can slide against which should seal the box, and port into the cab of the vehicle. If there is a better way to do this, I'm all ears. Equipment used: 2x DC lvl 4 m2 12s. D2ohm 2x DB drive 2000.1 amps 3x Deka 3400 batteries. 150AH Knu concepts 1/0 (2 power, 2 ground runs) Stock (200a) Alt for now. Hard to get anything for this car, or find room to add a second one. I'm reading that around 3 cubes net is where I should be, my question is around port. how much port area do I need? I'm looking to tune around 33hrtz. I appreciate all the help in advance, Cheers!
  3. Steve, I saw that you have HIDs in you tahoe, and probably other vehicles. Can i ask where you get them from? I am an HID supplier, we sell online, as well as locally to our area. We have an ebay store as well as sell on amazon. Just wondering what kind of pricing you are getting. I also wanted to talk to you about advertising on the forum. Better we discuss this in email. you can email me at [email protected]

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      I see. Our products are more affordable, We have uninstalled a few of those ballast, they do not hold up in extreme heat or cold. We offer a larger selection than that site does. We offer our own brand of bulbs and ballast. 35watt and 55watt. Just offering a solution to HIDs on demand. Thanks!!

  4. I'm not nut hugging here Steve, however i will say that is some great art work. I'm apprenticing and have been working on my grey shading for a while now. i can truely appreciate the art, time, effort, patience and determination there. Props to the artist for sure. I also like how it flows together. That style of art is hard to blend without making it confusing. Well done sir
  5. With that amp, i would probably shoot for 1.6 cubes after total displacement. Around 14sq inches of port volume. Tune it where ever you want. Should be golden. I've found these subs tend to like large port area. nice to see you on SMD
  6. You added 1800lbs to the car with audio? pics of set up please? Not saying you are lying but...my hatch was once very very full of audio and it was only around 700 lbs lol. Also the air struts mean per cylinder. so the rear of the car would support around 1600 lbs. More than half the weight of the car normally. Just something to think about. Good luck with build!
  7. I'm running 4 d1 woofers. I like the ohm load im at now. I'm going to try the phone line splitter. If that doesn't work i will simply splice them. Thanks guys
  8. This may be a newb question. But i would rather ask for some opinions rather than harm equipment. I have two db drive platinum 2000.1d amps in my daily driver. I would like to run a single bass knob for them. The amps have a bass knob from the factory. What is the best/simple way to go about this? do I need a splitter? or can i simply splice the wiring and run one knob? I forgot to mention, i would rather not strap the amps, I can't get the ohm load i want if they are strapped..
  9. 5k...7.5k...9k...anything would be great lol

  10. Ive got a bunch of pics over the years. Its under the knife right now. Going bags and canti-lever set up. suicide doors. Ill get some pics up when i get a chance. What are you buildin?

  11. Free bumpage. Like to see you get a 12k in there!
  12. They are good batteries. I work for oreillys corp office. They are deka batteries. I had 6 of them in my hatchback and never had any issues with them. Plus oreillys is pretty good about honoring warranties...
  13. Theres not enough hours in the day

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