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  1. I appreciate the response. I'm looking at being right around 72'' of port area. I've designed the enclosure and should start on it this weekend. I'm also doing valve cover gaskets, polly urethane engine and transmission mounts, sway bars and bushings, plus running the 1/0 wire and hopefully installing the batteries. It will be a long few days of working after hours but should pay off. I'll post some pics in the members rides section. Thanks!
  2. Hey bass heads. looking for some advice. I'm working with a 2005 Audi S4. I'm trying to figure out the best way to arrange the box design for output and efficiency. Being that it is a trunk car, there is an arm wrest that folds down and can be used to port through the rear seat. I'd rather not port through the package tray unless its determined this is absolutely the most efficient way to do it. I have planned on building a "wall" on the back of the rear seat mounts, to seal off that the box can slide against which should seal the box, and port into the cab of the vehicle. If there is a better way to do this, I'm all ears. Equipment used: 2x DC lvl 4 m2 12s. D2ohm 2x DB drive 2000.1 amps 3x Deka 3400 batteries. 150AH Knu concepts 1/0 (2 power, 2 ground runs) Stock (200a) Alt for now. Hard to get anything for this car, or find room to add a second one. I'm reading that around 3 cubes net is where I should be, my question is around port. how much port area do I need? I'm looking to tune around 33hrtz. I appreciate all the help in advance, Cheers!
  3. Yeah I understand that. There is not a great deal of room in the trunk period lol. I'm like the idea of porting through the package tray. I am not sure how to get enough port area there without getting into the subs but I will measure it out and come up with a game plan. I wish the rear seat folded down in the TL's. If I can get enough port area out of a single 6'' round port I would be in business! I need to wrap my head liner as well. Finishing up kick panels this week.
  4. This is sick! I'm starting on my 05' TL this week. Wondering if you have any better pics of your porting through the rear deck? I had thought of doing this but wasn't sure about cancellation as you mentioned. Box will be similar to yours but with two 12s. Thanks man and keep up the solid work!!
  5. Thanks. I hadn't removed the plastic around the ski hole yet but I will. The car is pretty much a virgin as far as the audio goes. Minus the double din I installed. Plans for electrical are two Northstar NSB170 batteries, two runs of power, and two runs of ground (1/0 OFC) from the front to rear. A Delta 31 battery under the hood. Stock alternator for now. I'm really hoping I won't have to put a larger alt on it, but we will see. Sound deadener throughout the car, some custom kick panels, replace front door speakers with components. Was planning an additional component set in the rear package tray but I'm not sure since ill be sealing the air space from the trunk to rear seat, there might be a lot of distortion from the moving air under the package tray lol.
  6. I wanted to stay away from porting through the stock sub hole, but might have to. I've had good luck in the past with similar set ups where I would slot port in the middle, forward firing, Tune the air space between the box and the arm rest hole and it worked extremely well. Removing the back seat is out of the question. My big thought though was instead of slot porting in the middle, doing one slot port on the drivers (or passengers) side so that I can make the port length longer. Still tuning the frequency with the space between the enclosure and rear seat. I'm not really concerned about it being extremely loud. But whats the point in building your own set ups and spending money if its not going to rock 32hrtz right? lol
  7. I'm going to check out your build log. I was planning to do forward firing and sealed from the trunk. My big question to anyone whos familiar with that style, is does it matter a lot that the port is in line with the arm rest? Or would it work just the same with the port on the drivers side etc. (still forward firing)
  8. Hey all, Its been a few years since I've messed with any audio. Looking to get back into it with my daily driver. I wanted to see what everyone's opinion is on trunk enclosures. Here is the rundown: 2005 Acura TL 2 DC lvl4 12's DC 3500 Looking to tune around 32hrtz The back seat does not fold down, however the arm rest is cut out so air can vent into the cabin. In years past I have has success with building a center firing slot ported enclosure and aim the port directly at the arm rest hole. My issue here is, a little less room for the enclosure itself. I won't be able to make the port as big as I want to in order to get the tuning I'm after. My thought was to go 15sq on the port, and build the box at 4.00' after displacement. Thank you in advance for your input!
  9. I work for a company called SQ Motorsports. We have been selling HIDs since they first came out. We sell our own brand of product. We supply many manufactures with product that they sell. We sell on eBay and Amazon. All of our products carry a 1 year warranty that is direct from us. Check us out on eBay or message me for a quote. We are by far not the cheapest out there, but I think you'll find the quality being worth the extra money in the long run. Thanks!!
  10. Db Drive and powerbass are two different companies. Both offer good products in some areas and not such great product in other areas.
  11. I know you said only DC, but I have to ask. Trade for two AQ (SQ) HDC4 12s? Mounted and never played? D1s
  12. Steve, I saw that you have HIDs in you tahoe, and probably other vehicles. Can i ask where you get them from? I am an HID supplier, we sell online, as well as locally to our area. We have an ebay store as well as sell on amazon. Just wondering what kind of pricing you are getting. I also wanted to talk to you about advertising on the forum. Better we discuss this in email. you can email me at [email protected]

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      I see. Our products are more affordable, We have uninstalled a few of those ballast, they do not hold up in extreme heat or cold. We offer a larger selection than that site does. We offer our own brand of bulbs and ballast. 35watt and 55watt. Just offering a solution to HIDs on demand. Thanks!!

  13. I plan to seal the trunk off completely. I can't really decide on port area or location. I like to use 15'' as a standard for these woofers, but im used to having more than two of them so im not really sure where I should set the goal at. I don't think I can build an enclosure large enough for 4 of them. Maybe three but that would be really tight lol
  14. Any serious box building guys, My question is can you do hair tricks with 2 12" woofers, in a trunk car? Rear seat folds down. Power isn't a problem, box space isn't a problem. Do you think it can be done? And how would you design the box to accomplish this? Thanks in advance. Incase it matters the equipment is: 2 AQ (SQ) Hdc4 12s 2 XTA 4000 amps
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