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2002 Dodge Dakota, Bed Cut Through, Work in Progress

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1 hour ago, Dafaseles said:

I started a build log, but I'm still buying the pieces. I'm hoping you've figured out the water problem because that's what's been worrying me. It'll help that my cousin is a welder for fun and an industrial waterproofer by trade. I really liked the idea of a metal sleeve. Might have to steal that idea. Hopefully I can get started in a month or two. My goal is to get mine done before Christmas. We'll see. 


My bigest issue was not thinking and planning out the full project from start to finish. I have a tendency to just start full on something without thinking through the issues. The sleave/flange idea came to me after my second issue with the rubber boot. I was also reading through another post on here and someone mentioned that "one way or another, water always gets in". So I racked my brain and came up with the flange. But I didn't think about mounting the box to the cab, so instead of having the bolts welded directly to the flange before it was welded into the cab, I left it blank and ended up having to remove the bed a couple times and drilling holes through the cab, and the newly welded flange to add the carriage bolts. To be honest, it was a nightmare that could have been avoided if I had planned everything through. Now, I have to remove the entire build, have the holes I drilled sealed up, and have the mounting bolts welded onto the flange so I can reinstall the new box. Like they say, "measure twice, cut once". I would take your time and think about all the little details and have them planned out before you even make the first cut. Good luck, looking forward to seeing what you do.

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Well, not much progress to show. I'm still without a system, but I got a new job and haven't been driving, so no big. Did decide to go with (2) new DC Level 2 12's to start. I know they're not the mos

Time to install the box...finally! It's a super tight fit, but it works. Had to put some foam pads underneath the back of the box in the bed to accomodate the weight of the box during the cab/bed flex

Finally started wiring up the amp rack. I was in a bit of a rush, so the rack isn't finished. However, I'll be switching it to a solid piece of plexi so it'll get swapped out down the line.  

Posted Images

Finally a shot of it playing! However, ripping it out today...Moving the amps into the center console, and redoing the box. Also taking the truck in to get bagged, so I need to remove the system anyway!



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Oh, and I know my voltage is crap! Those numbers are with the truck running : (  Next month going to order a new XS battery and Mechman alt. Should improve the voltage greatly!

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2 hours ago, MrSkippyJ said:

damn, blow through for 3 8s! I love it. looks good. what is the plan for the box when you put it back in? 

The box will basically be the same, but instead of carpet, I'm going to sand and paint it. I'm also going to reinforce the mounting bolts on the back of the cab so it's a little more solid. I love the way it sounds, so I really don't want to change much. If I can, I might try and squeeze one more 8 in, but it'll be super tight, so I'll see what I can do. For now I can't do anything until I get the bags installed which will be at least another month or two from now. Just spent the day tearing the whole system out.

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Well, not much progress to show. I'm still without a system, but I got a new job and haven't been driving, so no big. Did decide to go with (2) new DC Level 2 12's to start. I know they're not the most powerful, but swithched to a DD Audio D5.1500 and the level 2's seem like a good fit. After the holidays I can get back at it.


Got the bolts redone and sealed.

Photo Sep 23, 12 17 07 PM


Photo Sep 23, 12 17 13 PM


Photo Sep 23, 12 17 35 PM


Photo Sep 23, 12 17 43 PM


While the bed was off, decided to spray some underliner under the bed. It's cheap Duplicolor stuff, but should be fine.

Photo Sep 17, 4 47 21 PM



Also picked up some new goodies!


Photo Sep 11, 5 52 40 PM_v2


Photo Oct 09, 5 55 45 PM


Installed the battery. I want to have some more time to install the alt, and the new wiring, so battery is hooked up stock for now.

Photo Oct 11, 5 15 33 PM (1)


That's it for now. Slowly buying and planning!

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