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How to resize photos for profile pics?

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If your on a windows machine you should have paint installed. If not you can use a resizing website. If you know your max dimensions then simply open paint with the image you want then control + A to select all, look for the home, image, resize buttons in that order. Input the dimensions you want the photo to turn into but this may cause unwanted stretching or squeezing (distortion) of the photo, so you may have to alter the numbers till you are happy then use the crop feature to select a section of the photo that meets the required maximum dimensions.

If you have any problems you can always share the photo and I can resize it for you. 

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My Daily 8th gen Civic Coupe

https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/211131-honda-civic-coupe-08-2k-daily-headaches/ (Build Log)

Gear (specifics on build log)

Pioneer 80 PRS / RF P600x4 / DC 2k / Mechman 240 A / XS D3400 + D5100R / Two SA-12(D4) / RF T2 Components / Sky High Wiring (OFC)

~3.6 Cubed Net / 34 Hz Tuned / Center Port



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