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Which die size to use?

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This might be a dumb question, but what size die should I use for skyhigh ofc 1/0?  Iv been told skyhigh is oversized so should I use the 70mm die for 2/0 wire or use the 50mm for 1/0?

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3 hours ago, Broke_Audio_Addict said:

The 2/0 die.

You need 2/0 lugs too, that wire wont fit in a 1/0 lug

Thanks mate, ya I got the 1/0 lugs from skyhigh with the wire, being 2 dollars each I wanted to make sure before I start screwing stuff up.

I got some eBay lugs too but they are like 1/4 the weight of the skyhigh, the skyhigh ones are pretty darn nice and heavy.

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