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  1. Dang, when did @SnowDrifter get that fancy supermod tag?

    Congrats, bro.

    1. SnowDrifter


      March 27

      Thanks man!!


    2. Kyblack76


      Finally hit the magic dick suckin number it seems. Well done yo. 

  2. We got a really easy winter here this year, only got substantial snowfalls like 3 times. Been warmish here the past few weeks too, supposed to be 50° today.
  3. Finally stopped being lazy and put the 2018 f150 wheels i snagged a while back on my truck today.
  4. Look up lock picking lawyer or Bosnian bill on YouTube, it'll blow your mind how easy it is to open some locks without even having a key.
  5. Having the key tells me hes a pro. Amateurs just check for unlocked doors or smash windows. Most people don't know that manufacturers only use so many different key patterns per vehicle, I had a ford probe at one point, got 5 keys from the junk yard for that car, 3 out of the 5 keys I got from other cars would open the doors and start the car. The worst thing to own security wise is an old cop car, they keyed them all the same, if you have a 9c1 caprice any other 9c1 caprice key can open and start your car. House keys are the same way, the cheap lockets are the worst, some only have two key patterns they are sold with, so there's a 50/50 chance another ley will open your lock.
  6. That's how you end up in prison. Unless there is a threat of imminent harm then you have no legal right to shoot anyone. If He's buried in your car and you shoot him you're going to prison for murder, no if's and's or buts
  7. I would have laid a beat down on him at the very least. Bet money he hit other people in the are too, or that he'll be back. Thieves dont stop stealing just because they got caught once. Should have called the cops on him, bet hes wanted for other stuff already.
  8. New ford big block coming out, and its a pushrod v8, too bad im poor.

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    2. WalledSonic


      imo, the "durability" you mention just came from the old-way of designing things.  The good ol days of overengineering.  If thats true, a new pushrod v8 may be just as unreliable as a new OHC design.  Just thoughts.  From a fundamental standpoint, ohc is superior in every way.  I bet if you were able to design a badass version of each, the increased system mass of pushrods would limit high end rpm and increase wear at all mating faces. Interesting to see what they come up with

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      This engine is not designed for high rpm use, its designed to be a low end torque workhorse.

      Its going in a 3/4 ton truck, not a race car.

      But you're right, overhead cam engines do have an advantage in high rpm applications but I'm sure you probably know torque output decreases with rpm after its reached its peak.

       why stop there, why even have cams at all?

      Its possible to build a camless engine with technology that exist right now.

      You can highly overcomplicate things or you can build something simple that you know is reliable and works for its intended application.

      Simple, reliable, strong, thats what they are after here and i bet they will sell the fuck out of them.

    4. Broke_Audio_Addict


      And you're right about reliability I guess in a way because they could for sure build an unreliable piece of junk.

      But I doubt that's what they are going to do in this situation.

  9. I feel you, bro, supposed to get to -45 with wind chill here, i still gotta work though. I feel for all the guys that work for utility companies in this shit, man, gotta be a real shitty job this time of year.
  10. I'll take the flank steak, the hanger steak, and the ribeye, please.
  11. My bearing was fine too, the cage around it broke from rust. Picked up a junk yard one for now, if it goes again I'll get a custom one, or light the truck on fire, not sure which yet. Its engineered to make them money, designed to fail and not be serviceable so you gotta buy a whole new $900 drive shaft instead a of a $30 bearing. Pure bullshit.
  12. Bro, you already replied to that months over a month ago. You alright mentally, man?
  13. Non serviceable drive shaft, really Ford, fucking really? You gotta be kidding me with this shit.
  14. Almost puked. You could tell some mice had been living in there for a minute too, car had a strong urine odor.
  15. I found Deadmau5, y'all, he was hiding in my customers cabin air filter.
  16. Tell me that shit is real. My brother is so far left that it even lefties think he's insane, if this shit is real I'm sending him one, lol.
  17. It did indeed, ford steel pans are pretty retard resistant. Been getting too damn busy at work this week to cut it open so far, I'll get her done though for sure. I run full synthetic and change my oil id say around every 1500 to 3000 miles depending on how i feel about it, lol. Ive seen waytoo much bad shit to ever do crazy drain intervals on a normal daily driven vehicle. Ive seen some really crazy things in this industry for sure. And people are creatures of habit so they just go to the same place they have always gone and assume that their cars are being swrviced properly, which lots of times isnt the case. I dont fuck around though, i work on everyone's car the same way id work on my own car, done this work about 5 years total in my life 3 of them at the store I'm at now and have not had a single damage claim from any work ive done, period. I have the only shop in my company that can make that claim too out of the 18 stores my boss owns. Ive always been curious about bypass filters, a lot of big rig guys use them amd swear buy them. To me though i dont know how i feel about it because the oil does indeed break down in other ways the just the additive package being depleted. But if you are monitoring it with oil analysis im sure you'd see it if there were major changes in the viscosity. Synthetic oils are much more resilient to changes in viscosity from thermal breakdown though so that's probably how its possible to do such a thing. Now way I could ever see it being a possibility with conventional oil.
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