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  1. My car has went completely dead a few times this year and I got a jump and was fine. But yesterday I hooked a 3.5 amp charger and left it for well over 15 hours. When I went to bed it said it was at 50%, when I get up today for work and take it off, it was back down to under 25% according to the charger. Nothing is on from what I can tell. As most things like lights etc will auto turn off after set tile anyways. Is one of my battery’s bad? Or do I have some sort for hidden drain? Anything I can do to trouble shoot this?
  2. Aww ya that make sense, i had to up mine because i was getting bad idle, and thats with a v8 lol.
  3. if it is enough strain on it cant you just up your idle rpm by 100 or so to compensate?
  4. Amazon now offers free upgrade to hd music, or was feee for me. HD tracks are 16-bit audio, with a minimum sample rate of 44.1 kHz (16/44.1 is also referred to as CD-quality), and an average bitrate of 850 kbps. Ultra HD tracks have a bit depth of 24 bits, with sample rates ranging from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz, and an average bitrate of 3730 kbps. Most other services are max 320 kbps.
  5. If your car takes like 90-130 amps to run all its usual stuff then you only upgrade to a 150 or 200 amp alt then your only really gaining 60-110 amps theoretically speaking. That's why you always try to get the biggest you can go, and never go with some no name ebay shit that claims big numbers.
  6. Amazing prime music that comes free with prime works good for apple play or Bluetooth. Can also download most songs for offline play.
  7. Hmmm my 1080 ti sli has worked in all most all games iv tried, and most of the time I get 50-90% scaling.
  8. Can't say for sure, i just remember one of there facebook posts talking about it. I do know though that the NSV5 is in the works, not sure when its release date is though. That orion amp blew up from just idling with no power to the sub going lol, i ordered a Salt 4 amp, should be here with in a week or two. Had to be something in the amp because all of my other amps have been working just fine on same electrical. While i had it going the NSV4 pounded like a mad man for sure. It can take double the wattage easy if clean power. Cant wait to get the Salt 4 hooked up which puts out around 6k watts. Should pound like crazy. And that new b knob it comes with has Volt meter, clip light, and thermal light etc. Pretty bad ass. I would go with more cone area (two 12s) but if you cant get a box big enough in there then its a waste. If you can get a box for the 15 thats to spec or close then i would probably pick the NSV4 15" and put around 5-6k watts into it.
  9. Pretty sure they are coming out the the NSV5 soon and not sure if they will restock the NSV4.
  10. Was a bad ass audiobahn 1200 watt amp that had chrome flames in the out side with 2 fans and a voltage meter right in the amp, was pretty awesome amp in terms of looks. Looked like this, I can’t remember what model I had. And the one I had had cobalt blue illumination. Was truly beautiful.
  11. Aww ok, not sure what it could be. I have had two amps go out and before they did they were sending a dirty signal that made the sub sound like it was rattling at low volume. Hope you figure it out because that shit is annoying.
  12. Put old alt in and the problem went away, so it has to be the Mechman alt. It even idles smoother. Gonna be sending it in here soon. If it was the battery's it would do it with any alt right?
  13. Ill try that out then, Mechman said i can send it and and they will take a look at it because it wont even put out rated voltage of 14.9, it barly can keep it at 14.5......... Ill try it with the d3100 then try it with the d3400 and see if theres a differance. ANd im gonna swap to stock alt and see if it stops too.
  14. Ya i put a brand new belt and it still does it, iv sent mechman messages and they dont respond.
  15. It’s all good I’m thankful for all the input.
  16. Wondering why though it’s only out putting 14.5 instead of 14.8. I can also see if I rev it up then let the Rpms drop back to idle I can see a voltage drop into the 13s for a second.
  17. Grounds are good, I might try a new belt and see if that helps, at this point I’m lost.
  18. My head lights, dash lights, instrument cluster lights all flicker at idle and my voltage read out only hits 14.5 now instead of 14.8. it only does this at idle, no amp in the car so no stereo playing while it’s happening. voltage gauge I dash goes up and down also with the flickering. is the alternator going bad?? it didn’t do this for the first 5 months or so I had it. 370 elite in an 05 tahoe and it has 1 wire that goes to acc power.
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