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My build is nearing completion, and I am super excited. While doing a "test" layout today at the shop, one of the technicians asked me a question that I wasn't prepared to answer.

Do the SMD Copper Products require any 'agents' to postpone/prevent tarnishing?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Like any bare metal, it's subject to weathering and corrosion.  Wire in particular needs to be well sealed because moisture / salt / oil / chemicals will wick inside and be pretty well trapped there. Most anything else: Little dab of dielectric grease on the connection point and it'll be a non issue. Cosmetics aside, only connections need to be clean.

With all of that in mind, the degree of care you need to take is largely subject to where a given item is mounted. Vehicle interior is pretty safe provided you have no leaks. Under hood: If you want to keep it looking nice, consider a conformal coating or similar.

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A quick poke to the hivemind later....

Tin plating appears fairly straight forward and could be attempted at home with common materials found at the local hardware store. Might be a fun project.

There seem to be 2 major issues to watch out for
1. Cleaning and prepwork. Possibly implicit to the project, but still worth stating
2. The possibility of twin whiskers. I suppose these could be knocked off with a razor blade and light sanding

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Thanks for the rapid responses.

To be crystal clear, the products I am referring to are not cables, but the actual Copper plates.

I am installing (all Copper):

2 x Single ANL Fuse Blocks

1 x Quad XL2 ANL Fuse Block

1 x Split Power / Ground Distribution Block

We were positioning them in my truck this afternoon, just trying to determine the best placement for function (and form), when they questioned the durability of the finish.

The equipment is spectacular to look at (still shrink wrapped at the moment), and this is a show truck build, so I am attempting to keep the presentation as glamorous as possible. 

They will reside in the raised bed of my truck. The chamber will be totally insulated from the road surface by a complete bed floor. They will physically be inside of a hinged "trunk lid" atop the raised floor.

I am trying to get around the tiny file size requirement to attach some photos for reference. In the photos, the battery boxes are unfinished. They are almost complete now, and will complete the sealing of the bed floor from the road beneath.

The chamber will also be protected from the elements by a truck bed cover. It will, however, still be subject to extreme temperature variations seen here in the Midwest ( sub-freezing and plus 100 F).

Do you have any experience with the longevity of the luster in something similar to my use case?



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I dont have solid copper bars but i do have solid copper lugs on my wire and ofc wire. I used marine grade shrink tubing on the lug and wire connections because of the thick adhesive coating it has on the inside and the only issue ive seen after years under the hood was the copper faded and isnt as shiny. In the cab everything still looks new.

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