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SUV sub box position

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Just wondering what's the best position in the trunk if I am designing a new sub box (around 2.5cft - 28hz) for my SUV. I've gathered generally rear facing will be best (if not which direction would be recommended for sub and port?) but sort of have 3 designs, one with the box right back to the rear seat, about midway and a lower but longer box getting the sub much closer to the rear. I am guessing the longer box closest to the rear trunk will load the loudest? Other ideas?



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I like my box/port 6-8 inches from the rear hatch

seeing how steve meades tahoe has subs up and port back, id go with that.

if youre picking between those 3 ideas id go with the blue lines.

u said any ideas??  cpillar wall with four 15s

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