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Error Codes after Sound system install

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Hello there.
Just wanted to start by saying Steve Meade is the best. Living on the other side of the planet in Indonesia has its own challenges and proper Audio guys are extremely rare. I had a sound system installed in my car and am now having many error codes when I put the car on the OBD2 scan tool. I am looking for recommendations on electrical error code issues after installing an aftermarket sound system. Sorry, not extreme audio like what Steve delivers in all his videos. I updated to a nice Alpine iLX- F903D head unit and stayed with the original roots of my Chrysler SRT8 but updated the Kicker system completely with 4 IQ amplifiers and all new kicker KS speakers and subs. 
I was doing a little tune up at home after installing a new Borla exhaust system and had these codes come up. The codes are from a proper Foxwell scan tool, not the key dance technique. 

B1463 Channel 1 Audio Speaker
B1468 Channel 2 Audio Speaker 
B146D Channel 3 Audio Speaker
B1472 Channel 4 Audio Speaker
B1477 Channel 5 Audio Speaker
B147C Channel 6 Audio Speaker
B1486 Channel 8 Audio Speaker 
All show as Output Circuit Open. 

I have a couple other codes also that might be related to this issue. 

U0019 CAN B Bus for both drivers door and passenger door. 

If there is any audio guys out there, maybe they can share their experience. 

Thanks in advance for the help  

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While you were installing the system if the key was on at all during this time those code can come on, try clearing them and see if they come back or what codes come back.

3 DD SL 10’s D4 ohm Sealed box 2.6ohms   Amp Sundown SFB 3000K

Mids all Alpine type R 's 1 set of 6.5 components and 1 set of 6.5 coaxial 

2 Rockford PBR's 300x2

1 Kinetic battery  under rear seat , Big 3

Ford F150 2018 Crewcab                                                                                                                               

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