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  1. Best 8’s you can buy but Sundown , DC , Gatley Audio, also make great subs.
  2. I’m not a fan of Kicker not trying to rip peoples choices , if you keep having the same issue with same box same subs that box is the problem, I don’t know the specs they need but you need the right built box for the subs and that means it has to be built. I called Sundown for my 3-10’s box and they were more then happy to help me out . Those subs are rated at 600RMS and because of the box and my good electrical they had 1K to each sub for 3yrs and never blew. Ended up selling to my friend and he still has them. Clean power and the right box for the subs they last along time. Also I think brand can help. I’ve built many boxes for people with no space never had issues but got to build the box . Last 2 boxes were 2 Sundown SD3 - 10’s and 3 DD shallow 10’s for me.
  3. I did 3 -10’s under seat build , shit slammed, I don’t think your electrical is good enough. 3,300 watts on stock ALT plus whatever is running your mids . I don’t see anything about batteries not battery. I ran about 4500watts with mids and had 250amp ALT and 6 batteries to hold voltage.
  4. Never ran those but I have run Skar VD, DD slim line and Sundown SD-3’s , would recommend all 3 in a sealed box. If that helps at all.
  5. I miss AA Subs , always wanted some but now there gone, built very well and can handle almost double power .
  6. It’s all about your vehicle and airspace to do 150’s , more science then just throwing power at something, it all needs to hit hard and breath at the right times. People doing 140’s all day with 8’s on 1200 watts. It’s always the box.
  7. I ran 3 Sundown SA-10’s rated at 600RMS at 3K but my electrical was good 260AMP ALT and 6 batteries, Subs took it for 5 years never any issues, Subs still pounding now my buddy has them , It’s all about your electrical only about a third of the people on here understand that clean power won’t blow your subs. When your voltage goes down current goes up and current causes heat and distortion which makes subs and Amps smoke. That’s the number 1 thing to know for all electrical.
  8. I can’t bitch cause I had a 2018 F 150 and I was offered more then enough to pay my house off so to me it was a no brainer , my beater is a 2003 Ford Escape with 205k , but it’s gets old driving a turd . I’ll get it probably 2023. Already gonna pay cash for it too for waiting so long.
  9. Ordered a Maverick in September, got 2 emails so far saying thank you still putting parts together. Already bought subs 4Skar VD 8’s on a Skar SK 1500.1 and all Skar mids. Not bitching but getting impatient got wheels and airbags picked out too.
  10. I agree if you have any type of trunk space I’d do a single 12 all day.
  11. I ran SA 10’s in a sealed box , 3-10’s 1 box all separate chambers at probably .65 cubes each before displacement.
  12. That sub would work great sealed and that’s kinda what your talking about that you want for sound. I’ve ran SA’s in a sealed box they sound great.
  13. I’ve always ran Alpine Type R’s for mids , they never let me down and don’t have huge magnets that can interfere with the window. I just bought some Skar Audio TSX 5.25’s for my beater car and gonna amp them up next weekend. They look pretty nice.
  14. Pretty sure Sundown meant to not turn the Amp gain up a lot , I would hook up at 1 Ohm and start with the gain turned down all the way and see if they get smelly. Maybe run these subs for a year then you can always upgrade to the SA’s , that amp is perfect for them.
  15. Peak power is when the bass hits that perfect note on your subs from the amp , you don’t set up for it , it kinda just happens. You have to have good voltage. Peak is just what happens on the right conditions. RMS is all you need to worry about .
  16. I’ve ran sealed boxes for years , always build my own. I always call the manufacturer and tell them what I’m working on and get there advice . I’ve called Sundown, Skar and DD all were very happy to help and point me in the right direction even was told by Sundown to add polyfill and a bigger amp to compensate for small box. Your drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out when they know what the subs like.
  17. Korean built amps have been the best for awhile now , Sundown Salt , Skar SK, American Bass VFL, DD, there’s more , right now the Brazilian Amp thing is hot , not a big fan but can work for some people. I’ve tried it but you need to really know what your doing to tune them.
  18. I would choose B2 over any basic over the counter manufacture like Kicker , JL or whatever you can buy from Walmart , They are from Denmark so not very popular but good quality, still a lot of other options too, Skar, Sundown, DD , Rockford ,DC, Incriminator and many more if it’s just white you want a lot of marine amps are white and are the same.
  19. Where you from my VFL is just laying around now , 2200 at 1ohm way underrated , at .5 would be 5k easy on good electrical.
  20. I ran an American Bass VFL at .6 for 3yrs and it loved it but if your just wondering it takes a lot of electrical. At .6 I had a 350AMP ALT and 6 batteries, 4 runs of 0 gauge from front to rear batteries it’s not as easy as it sounds it probably cheaper to run a bigger amp at 1ohm.
  21. I don’t want any money but that piece looks like it goes with the air vent that’s in there rear quarter panel. The vent would be on the body and they normally vent out behind the bumper cover , that flap can help keep debris and water out. They are there to depressurize the cabin.
  22. So I’m going to be building a box under seat design and my options are 2 Sundown SD-3 10’s or 4 Skar VD -8’s , both will fit in the same SEALED box and ran off a Skar RP1200.1 , I have the Sundown subs already is it even worth it to think about the 4 Skars or will it pretty much sound the same. In my head 4 subs says louder but there smaller and same power. The Amp can be changed it’s not a big deal it’s what I have laying around.
  23. There’s no way you get good SPL on an electric car and get 300 miles plus per charger, that’s the real answer, these cars are tested for years on stock electrical and daily driving so there’s no real answer but just charging your phone and driving your electric car kills the battery faster I’m sure running 3K or more will put you at 50-100 miles per charge. I work on Tesla’s and the biggest complaint is the battery life and these people are running stock , we tell them to put it nonsport mode and drive it slower , these cars are fast and they drive them like mustangs because there awesome to drive and if you add a system your battery is done . These electric cars are really nice but I’m not sold till 1 thousand miles per charge so I’ll stick to gas’s for now.
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