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  1. Did you check all connections, doesn’t make sense it won’t take a jump that has nothing to do with the ALT . But I’d recheck every connection and you need more then 1 battery with a 390 AMP ALT we all no that . Maybe the smaller pulley is putting shit into protect mode .
  2. I would choose DD subs over Alpine all day, I run DD right now and Alpine mids , Alpine makes great mids but have never seen them set records or break windshields like DD. Alpine is not bad but can’t compare to DD. Your also comparing Alpine top of the line Type R to DD lower 600 series.
  3. I use this stuff pretty happy with it . Started using it last year.
  4. We had a meeting at work and gonna have to start servicing Tesla vehicles now , not to happy about this but will try to charge accordingly .
  5. Very impressed with how it turned out, but why know SMD on that empty battery box from XS, that’s your design put your name on it. LOL , great work you deserve more credit for that design.
  6. I feel for you, me and my wife both agreed we would never get married again because it’s hard . I’m an asshole and she knows it but she’s the boss and can control me pretty good. I need a baby sitter. Your progress is slow but that’s what I like about your build my A D D wouldn’t allow me to take my time . Keep it up and stay positive.
  7. Not on here much but love seeing your updates, stay strong I feel for you , sometimes shit doesn’t work out it’s sad but I’ve told my wife both agreed we would never get married again, we both love each other but marriage is tuff people just stay true to themselves, it’s hard to change and if your loved one doesn’t see it or won’t change themselves it makes life hard. My wife is like a dude I can tell her anything and it’s like a guy responding that’s why I love her. I got lucky but she still doesn’t understand the car audio addiction but she deals with it.
  8. Not shitting on FI but would have went with Sundown, you’d be bumping and happy already.
  9. If I ever go out to dinner with my wife and protesters ruin our dinner I will go to jail . This shit is getting out of control.
  10. I saw your holes in your firewall , U have the wire wrapped great but I would use these to keep air and water out of your car they adjust to your wire size and are weather proof and are very cheep.
  11. I understand U liked the sound from the the JBL , U heard it not me but for that price Of that sub U could buy 2 Sundown SA’s or one X Sub and U wouldn’t believe the difference in sound , it would shit on that JBL. Just trying to save U money and be happy , I’ve already made all those mistakes and wasted money.
  12. Just read this and never herd of that JBL sub but for 500 dollars and 700RMS fuck that , same price you could get a real sub , I wouldn’t waste my time.
  13. Happy 4th fellas, Thank You all Military stay safe but have a good time. I know I’m gonna.
  14. I love this thread , Your Audio Addiction is back , It’s starts out just wanting a tiny bit more and moves to new box, battery , subs and amp, all of us on this site suffer from this addiction and it’s a great problem to have , your gonna love those SA’s , I’ve ran 3 for years on double the power and never had an issue.
  15. When people claim Toyota makes the best cars , The shit I work on.
  16. Clean audio build. I’m sure it sounds good I know U want more but it looks very clean.
  17. I work on a lot of different cars and though I love U can’t say anything positive about your Malibu, accept I make a lot of money on them but the C300 is a good car and I don’t say that a lot . I would choose Mercedes over BMW anytime. My go to cars are Ford, Kia , Hyundai, and Toyota and that’s it I know it ant much but been a Master Tech for over 10yrs and I know what I see . When I get a GM I know it’s payday. There so basic and it’s just to easy sometimes I feel bad but U bought it not me. I know that Malibu is taken care of keep it up should be good. My mother in law drives an 09 Malibu I’ve done a lot of work to it but not what they normally need in big work because I put good oil in it they can be good cars .
  18. Most 12-15-18 RMS ratings on good subs are the same and underrated, as far as choice you won’t be disappointed in either , pic whatever ones you like. Those are 2 great brands.
  19. Is your voltage way low since you said it only happens at fully turned up witch would cause a lot of distortion. I would try running 1 sub at a time and see the difference.
  20. I’m sure it happens but 2 bad subs is pretty rare, pull them out maybe free air them both and since there new call Skar .
  21. Advance Auto has these that’s what I used I know U don’t need the hold down but the threaded rod worked great and it’s 6 bucks.
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