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My old school gear getting ready for an install

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Is there a forum strictly dedicated to old school stereos? Am I posting in the right place? Anyways. I have had this gear since the 90s. I had it in my 97 civic coupe (I still have it BTW). From the top, soundstream reference tweeters with Boston pro 5.0 lf fronts, mb quart qm160 with matching tweets and crossovers, 2 Orion 2ntense dvc 12s, an audio control 2xs crossover feeding a ppi pc450 for the mids and highs and a ppi250 for the lows. I have since acquired a ppi2100 that I will be using instead of the 250 because it's not stable at 1 ohm to 1 sub and I was planning on fiberglassing one of my 12s into the right rear quarter panel of my Fj80. But I have decided that I am going to put a kicker compr 12 that I got given to me in there instead and build a 4th order box for my 2 Orions that will be removable for when we go camping. 


I have been on the fence about this install for a while. Thinking I may go with a modern 5 channel amp for the space saving.. But I'm still up in the air. I'll post the pics elsewhere and get a URL for them here in a minute. 

Let me know what you guys think! 


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I've had all this gear aside from the 2100, I got last year off ebay, the powerplate, I got last summer at a yard sale and the rf deck that I got in 2006, since the 90s. 

I would put it back in the civic it lived in but that is going to be a track day car. So it's up to my 95 Fj80 or 2004 Dakota quad cab. I'm on the fence on where I should put it. The fj80 is gonna be an over lander and space is at a premium, the Dakota is more of a daily but I'm not sure if I can build a box that will fit the subs in there or not. I know it has the space for the amps though.. Which is not going to be easy in the fj. I just can't make up my mind.. Any advice or recommendations will be greatly appreciated. 






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