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  1. I would do a battery 1st you are not running 5k of amplifier..make sure you get a proper charger for it.. Maybe best sell gear start stocking on Pampers
  2. Try not to buy untill big holidays , you could save you a few bucks,
  3. Alts talk to mechman since they are affiliated with smd, you have singer, CES, as well,see what's available. Look for good idle output. Batts xs power good, so is fullthrottle, wire stick with solid names,. Skyhigh,knukoncept,stinger,
  4. Sounds like you are on the right path, definitely beef up your electrical for power, before worrying about how much power a sub will handle.. throwing tons of power on sub with stock electrical a bad thing. You'll start dipping in lower voltage clipping crap out of amp..which will lead to broken sub and amp. You could shoot for a bigger amp when ready, so you won't need to rebuy later, but you would need set your gains low side . Keep in mind 750 watts to 1200 watts is really not much of a gain . You'll just set lower gain, not as much out out.its all about knowing the sub and amp what to listen for when playing music etc etc.
  5. Every install different, what works for one scenario may not be good for some one else
  6. Should be fine if everything on deck is set good and amp gains low.
  7. Having a battery light on will irritate me bad..im curious on this unplug sensor though i could live with 13.8 ..? My question i guess would a single sb500 be better then a single agm xs agm under the hood.? If go by watts the 500 is rated 4000 and xs agm is 2 or 3000? Trying stay with one batt under hood.thank you though ill thumb throug that thread
  8. Wonder how the banks will do if someone needed a jump?
  9. Trying keep my install simple.i really dont want to upgrade alt.because of the pcm.was going to go with one or maybe two group 48agm batts.but thinking it might be to hard on alt to keep up..then i seen this sb500.was wondering if a single sb500 would be a better option.my system consist of one ampere 2k and two 150.4.no parking lot demos, just a daily.any input or thoughts?ive emailed xs waiting to gear back.but like opions thanks
  10. Thanks, they look like they didn't gas. But I'll email kinetik
  11. So I have a psc30 charger its been on recovery mode on two kinetik hc2000 for while, ,they been chilln at full charge for while..well not sure when it happened I walked by and looked it showed it recharging like starting over, I looked on side,switch must have got bump to 14v (oops) how bad is this for battierese? Not sure when this took place but now batts show resting voltage of 13.75 I'm going wait a day recheck.How bad did I screw up
  12. What type of speakers are you running? If me I would opt for more power can always turn the gain down..quality wise you probably would hear a difference
  13. Sick as fawk..old post don't care I had 86 miss it more than my 03
  14. Double check your connection, make sure your getting full contact on terminals, make sure you didn't leave a wire off as well
  15. In a situation like this I would run a nice single alt and a xs power lithium battery.youll be able to keep the AC , save weight,save room,save on battery cables,less stuff to hook up, less problems,.might be little more or little less money, something to think about
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