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  1. dolarbilz

    Components or Midrange Sub

    Ditch rear fill for one.those pa style will blow your ears out in b pillar...if you are looking for more sound and louder.maybe think about what you are missing in front of you..what do you have now?
  2. dolarbilz

    Dash pods

    Tape dash and surronding areas with blue tape.lay foil over tape a base using fiberglass on top of a nice thick base..keep in mind you need to fasten it to dash some way..thread inserts in dash might be really need to think creative.
  3. I plan on it..1.25 cubes tuned to 34z on ampere2k at 2ohms should do the trick
  4. dolarbilz

    AGM battery recommendations

    Fullthrottle good battery at decent price also check batteey and bulbs they sale X2 battery built by northstar.check online for nearest store they give diacount online if order and pick if any issues easier to deal with
  5. This is my custom box. Still have it actually upholstery guy dose i need go get it lol
  6. Ok back to my story... Pulled out zapco went with ampere..should kept zapco..i felt they sounded better..but i hated the zapcos cause of the BT bell it biggie. Subs im a hoarder.. Bought AA waited them they wasnt up to par..had send during xmas sales i bought the SSA subs.well cause i was drunk..pulled ampere mids out running the ssa evils amd tweetes with ampere 3" ill get pic of pillars later..question is where and what to do with 3 wanting to put captain chairs in rear and build center consule encloure. And hopefully Run SSA amps.they will be coming out with a class AB 6 channel...( its way down the road) but gives me time.thanks its I did have a single ten set up..but they broke in my truck stoled my havoc.lucikly my custom box was at upholstery shop getting done .but sub was in prefab.miss that havoc..ill post my vid in second
  7. Best bet check Fi audio FB page
  8. I picked up a single ten to test it out for thing i like about rockville they are pretty open about the product they sale.basket heavy duty.cone thick.surrond thick.double slugs 1" looks like a solid performer..if these hang im sure the price will go up.(may stock up on few just cause).if wanting low budget build to put k9 in gf car yes i would ..would i give them up for FI dought it.