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Kyle's 4 Runner (again) Second Skin, Damore amps, SMD fuse blocks, and other fun stuff.

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So, ive had a build, or 8 on this forum.....  I thought why not do it again. I went for a build in the runner some time ago, and gave up.  Well, im starting it yet again. For now, (and those that

Got some time in, listening to this set up, driving to and from work. This,.. already, is the best sounding front stage I've done to date. Granted, most of the other builds/rigs ive been involved with

4 connections away from it playing. Dsp, amp, are all in, with mids and tweet wires hooked up. Ill finish tomorrow. Left the dsp dongle hangin out, so i can put thw laptop to is. 😀😃 (And i did go

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About 4lbs of Second Skin,... on one door (pass side)... 

Also, any, and all OEM holes, are filled, mostly on the back, as, with rigs like this (my acura was the same way) they are built, pretty well, and if you add any thinkness, to the outter, the panel wont fit. That said, you HAVE to watch the inner also, becuase, shits so tight, your window mech may not function, but ... one door down,.... 


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Dunno if anyone else does this shit, but i love adding weight/second skin to any after market shit to..... Just make it ALL dead/dense as fuck. Man, i love this Second Skin.. shit sticks like a mother, and is easy to work with. I put mine over the heater vents in the house, to make it easier to work with, when its cold, it can be a struggle... but... anyway. 


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^^^^^^ thats just HU power,....  no damore amps, no dsp, no nothing., only 2 lil screws holding the driver in, and the baffle screws not tight. Just making sure shit works. And so far,... soooooo good :) 

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  • Kyblack76 changed the title to Kyle's 4 Runner (again) Second Skin, Damore amps, SMD fuse blocks, and other fun stuff.

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