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  1. People who dont cleanup after themselves, or when they don't dump there rubbish
  2. I thought was him, but noo he a more recent rapper . Ewok looking. Thanks though
  3. Need a faster response.. Trying to find the name of the rapper that big has a beard and it partially white the beard. He black. He look like a ewok. I can't remember the song he sings. I have a friend that looks like him. It might me short name like rus or Mos could be wrong...
  4. I have to rectifier diode online with the sense wire. How do I know if it went bad?
  5. There brand new... Also How I know if a Diode dead or bad I put 2 in line with the sense wire upping the voltage. Been on the electricial sense wire for the alt for over 10 years
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