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  1. Vehicle plays a huge roll, if your using a mic/in the lanes competing. Huge. OP , let me know if i can help. Runner here also. But went a different direction. Best of luck. Edit- click the link.
  2. Vehicle? Size of driver(s) ? Id add dampner,. For sure...
  3. Are you playing the 4k track and get a "signal" light? I wouldn't touch any nobs, until you see a signal.
  4. Why not use the space, to add more reserve, instead of non helping terminals/disto block?
  5. Your battery's are fine (most likely) The drop, to 13, is your alt. Not the batteries, i hightly doubt your batteries are chilling at 13plus .... Relax, and let it eat. If you feel frisky, load test them. ... remove the cables, put your meter on them, look at nominal voltage, then, hook something, anything up to them, (ive used a 12v computer fan, 12v led's, a ton of shit, it doesnt have to be a large draw) and see if they tank,... if they do, you have a bad cell, if not , then your fine. My guess is your fine, .... let it eat.
  6. Older chevs, are by far, the easiest rig, to add anything electrical. Youve lost me on some of what your doing, but, i highly doubt youll have any issues. What exactly are you worried about ? Dont know where or who gave you the second alt. But, if your front cell, is hooked up to your rear bank, then that is all the same, so remove that from your question/equation. Hell, one wire, just put it to the post of the alt, or better, a turn on voltage......... it goes to the batteries right? There ya go, that is, if where you got the alt from, is good to go with a self excite unit. Edit- i think the regulator on the inside, will have a SE on it, for one wire rigs
  7. Wanna build me a box, for some lower tier Fi subs, for my 4 runner???? Im going simple. Hope your doin aight mate. Cheers.
  8. I was going to say, But Brian nailed it, ..... SSA use to have some of their drivers, built at Fi. That, is no longer, same with Crossfire. SSA/Crossfire subs, made at that build house, are no longer.
  9. Ya, what amp? Also, ... just spit balling, but, you want to then, change all your alternators, and batteries over to high volt? You also didnt mention the vehicle, it may not LIKE high volt stuff, and toss you codes all day. Hence, why steve is doing that, in the cady. Just fyi Ugh... best of luck. Edit- and all that, for a few more watts,...... ya man, best of luck. Cheers.
  10. Wired at what nominal load? Id bet a second battery would be more than fine, with some up graded wiring. If your just doing music, not burping, wired down, youll be ok, adding a second battery is all. No need for 11 alternators for what, 1800 watts. (on music), and yes i know, it says it does 3k at 1ohm, but unless your wiring down to like 1/4 ohm, and doing burps, youll be ok, Music is dynamic, you wont see anywhere near full output, or load. Edit- replace your oem battery with a nice stout one, with (obviously) needed wire. Play it, watch your voltage, add a battery IF needed. Bet you may not even need that. Cheers.
  11. So impressed with the Hertz coaxials, i went larger/bigger. So much room in these dashes. And, sorry for many of you, myself included,.... bigger, is BETTER here. Leggo... I got more Second Skin, cut, and warming up, to lay around them.. then, ill crack the dsp open, and drop the high cut even lower. Also, these have adjustable tweets,.. sharp eye, would see im aiming them, at the corresponding A pillar. What im trying to achieve is a broad, or wider stereo affect. If that makes sense to some. Ill add the SS, and, then, with the laptop connected to the dsp,.. go for a ride, run my SQ type songs/files. See whats up. Ill get the mic on it, this weekend. I saved files if the previous tweets. Be interesting to see any and all changes. Cheers all. KB
  12. Need some usb action. Lets get it. (Turned out tits, and thanks Tony, for the usb tossed in one of the boards/boxes.
  13. These are dope. Took the ole lady, and doggos for a 3 hour cruise in the mountains in a beast rain storm. Ran the audio (she likes it as loud as i do) full rip, for damn near most of it, even leavin it up, as we got out and walked around, ... under the seat, with the rear heat blowing right on em, they stay luke warm, not even close to any type of "hot" at all. Fucking rad. I am,.. officially, a fan of these little things. No dick riding, no nut hugging (which, ill admit, im prone to do, hey, when i like something, i take it to heart) . I dig these tanks. Obviously, longevity, will tell, but i see no reason why i wouldnt be beating on these things in 15 years from now. Cheers all.
  14. Depends, but, 40hz at -7.5 is what i roll with, or did. Edit- also, i cut my subs at 55hz. Because, well, they are subs. My mid range, is cut at 55.....
  15. Got some time in, listening to this set up, driving to and from work. This,.. already, is the best sounding front stage I've done to date. Granted, most of the other builds/rigs ive been involved with/built, where ment for the loud/mic/competition. Still, the Satori's, are fucking awesome, and the dash coax drivers were a wicked nice surprise. To start, the dash speakers where cut at 1k hp, 18k lp at a sharp 24db slope. Mids at 200 hp,2k, just to be safe. Source and 408 all flat. Nothing boosted, nothing cut. Since, the dash are at 160-17500, and the mids (no bullshit) 55-900. Everything still flat. The Satori's dig down great, and the 47lbs of Secons skin, is doing its job. Time alignment, is actually being done on my HU/Source, and the shit actually works good. I can put on some of my OG sq tunes, (Dire Straights, and the like) and i can move the vocals, across the dash, left to right playin with the TA. Neat... Next day off shift, and I'll get the laptop with the U-MIK running and do some plotting/graphs. The shitty,.. months ago, i ran sweeps in the 4runner, with everything but the HU stock/oem. I wanted to show differences from oem, to gear being in. Welp, i lost ever fucking one of those pics. Was a while ago, when i very first got the UMIK and REW software. I used it to learn on. Bummer... anyway, i am now, SUPER happy with the purchases/gear. Also, maybe time for some low end. Just 2 12s im thinking. Like a couple Fi Xv3's. Nothing special. I am over that upper level shit. Cheers all
  16. You,,... one of the O-est, of G's been a while mate. Hope you and yours are doing well.
  17. Its playing !!!!!.. I finished the under hood, to cabin run, and my god, this is going to be fun, tooling around with.
  18. Trust me... i get it/know. One rig, i spent 3 plus years on,... countless hours, and money, time, effort, ... i sold to a kid, after striping the gear out, but the shell remained,.. and in 4 days, he got in a accident, and totalled it. (hell, he thanked me for the wall in it, for helping him walk away, untouched) Thats one of around 5 or 6,... man, the time, hours, days, late nights, blood, tears,.. jesus. That said, ... im over it. Moving on. Or, moved on. I am doin a lil build in my 4runner, but nothing, NOTHING like the past. Welcome and best of luck, in your new adventures mate. have fun....... Oh, i nabbed a bren2, and i drilled out the 3rd gass setting myself lol... and its AWESOME, with my YHM turboK.... love the thing, and my CZ collection, is,.. well, pretty damn good lol. (i want the green or bronze TS2 next, but, with a mrd cut) Be good my guy..... be good.
  19. Time finally came eh bro? Well, good on ya. Getting out of the "gig" was also bitter/sweet for me as well. Could you dm me, a list of what your willing to let go? I'm looking for some low end, ... havocs tbh. Anyway, hope you and yours are well my friend.
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