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Skar RP-800.1D

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Remember that since you didn’t buy that gear from that shop, even if they retune it and hook it up, if it messes up, then they aren’t held accountable and won’t pay out anything or give you new gear. So it’s best to just buy a fuse there and buy a dd1 and wait for it and hook up your setup then. There is no such thing as cutting corners or being cheap when it comes to achieving a good or decent car audio setup.

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:stupid:“How can we help you?”
“And don’t forget to tell them that 
the customer isn’t always right.”

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I bought a 150amp fuse from a local audio shop, it’s a stinger 150. Put it in and everything works again, but I definitely need to see how much power my amp is drawing because I talked to the guy that’s been doing car audio for almost 40 years, and he said that the 100amp should have been just fine, so there had to be something else going on.

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