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I can help you design a good subwoofer enclosure. Tell me what amp you are planning to use and then tell me the available measurements of your vehicle’s cargo area and then tell me the measurements of that enclosure you are building. I’m gonna help you get loud and put that port where it needs to be and possibly rebuild. But that’s just a possibility if that enclosure’s length is too big. Because port up doesn’t pressurize good in a big suv. I know for a fact. I have a big suv. I’ve tried port up and it isn’t loud and when I positioned the same enclosure where the port was facing the side wall and then I tried facing the port towards the hatch, and both positions were a significant difference in spl compared to port up. I would only do port up on a truck build or small hatchback build or a small suv hybrid build and on some of them builds I would try my best to get the port close as I could to the headliner of said vehicle unless the want to compete in a no wall class. And the fact that to make that port big enough in port area, the amount of port length to play with is minimal which would tune your subwoofer enclosure super high where you wouldn’t like the sound. Port back towards the hatch pressurizes the best on a big suv no wall build. And on measurement, I need to know height, width and length or cargo measurements and subwoofer enclosure measurements.

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:stupid:“How can we help you?”
“And don’t forget to tell them that 
the customer isn’t always right.”

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Ok sorry about the delay definitely took what u said into consideration I have an 1800 watt Taramp but we know it does almost twice as much if u have the electrical system to handle it but I changed the port placement and will definitely rebuild if needed!



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So I got it in hooked up Waitin on 2 more Sdr tens it sounds great but I think I need a brace in the middle Nd I think I should put some fiber glass on the inside. I know I am goin to put bondo on the out some then cover with bed liner!

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