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Alternator voltage

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10 hours ago, Fish Chris said:

So just to be clear, you believe that the voltage drop is more because ECU is telling the alternator that everything is charged, and now it can back off ? ....vs. the alternator is getting hot, and it backs off to protect itself ?

I know on my truck, the regulated voltage controller controls the charging system. When I start the truck, it's supposed to see 14.7. After the initial charge, it'll drop down to 13.8. When it feels the battery needs more power, it can jump the charging up to 15.3ish. It also keeps the battery around 85%-90% charged. 

I haven't been able to verify all this with a lithium battery yet, I haven't been able to start my upgrade yet (almost).

Talking to mechman (my alternator is a 370 amp mechman) they told me that the alternator will actually regulate itself down in voltage to prevent it being overworked (I guess).

I don't know which will win the tug of war. I assume it will be the RVC. 

2011 Chevy Silverado under construction

My build log here. Check it out! 


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Yea, this still really bugs me. Makes me want to rebuild my stock alternator, which my mechanic friend still has, putting it back in the truck, and just running the truck off if it. Then running my stereo system only, off of my 320 amp alternator (with" a voltage regulator that pegs it at 14.6 volts !

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