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Xs power battery issue

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Ok let start by I’m not sure if I’m posting in the correct area or not..but I have  an Xs power 5100 series which was 3100 amps. I installed correctly charged before use all the required steps. Now here is my issue. Day 3 of having battery lost all power main battery dead, 2nd dead, couldn’t even jump while the 2 connected. Forced me to go through the whole system but eventually finding the suspect. While doing my big 3 the size of posting on alt vs the size of ring terminal used was an oversight. Needless to say everything was correct and installed proper. Now I purchased from Amazon through Jegs. My return window closed which never really opened due to being a battery. In my warranty it states “ original boxing must be used” so I can’t return or warranty this nearly 300 dollar battery cause of a 30 cent box? If any one has experience with these battery’s please let me know or anyone willing to make me a deal on a box? Seriously I have zero idea what to do . Please help

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Buy a car battery isolator, have the xs charge only when you want too so you don’t drain the main battery. Your battery’s are probably made out of different charging components, like one might be a lithium battery, and one is an AGM. Those will drain each other. An isolator will help your main battery stay charged when off so you won’t need to jump your vehicle.

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