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Wide voltage swings with external regulator

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I have a brand x 270 amp alternator that I set up to run off of an external transpo v1200 regulator set at 14.5V and at times the voltage will Spike as high 16V and shut off my 4 channel. It seems like the regulator cannot adjust the field current quick enough. 


Under load when the bass hits the voltage will drop to about 13V and when the bass line ends it will go up to about 16V for a split second and then settle back down around 14.5V. This happens when cruising as highway speed and even in driving in 4th gear with engine rpm at 3500.


The bass amp is a sundown sfb 1500d @ 1 ohm and wiring is all 0 gauge Ofc and 12 gauge for the regulator. Stock battery. 


Brand x told me this alt should produce 130 amps at idle and both amps combined only pull 80 amps. 


What can I do to fix this issue and what is the problem? The regulator is also from brand x and the only other kind I see is the one mechman offers. 

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Simple bits first: Wire the regulator with 8ga OFC. Sense wire to the charge stud on your alternator. Negative to a mounting bolt for your alt, or nearby on the engine.

If that doesn't help, then more batteries, or a capacitor, ~50-100 farads should do fine.

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It also occurs to me that the transpo v1200 uses spade terminals to connect. I personally don't care for those as they're apt to work loose over time and cause contact issues.

Preferred method is to use ring or fork terminals with a transpo 911-02R. If you want more granularity in setting the voltage, you can remove the included 3/4 turn potentiometer and replace w/ a 10 or 20 turn unit. I have some info on doing this buried somewhere if you're interested.

Fun fact: you ever hear about folks running 18v systems and randomly blowing their equipment because voltage spike? It's due to the regulator units using too-thin of wire and getting caught in a feedback loop.

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