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A Bit of a Sub dilemma

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So here is the condensed story:


I have 2 Skar Audio ZVX 12s v1 blown. My goal was to recone them to 18s. Well I ordered an 18inch basket (don't remember where) and an authentic 18in recone from Skar in 2017 life happened and now we are here I can't find the 18inch basket and as of today Skar doesn't sell nor manufacture recones so the 18inch recone I have is pretty much a waste unless I recone 1 sub and sell it and recone the other with some recone kit, but looks like PSI isn't doing kits at the moment or at least their website says so. Original plan was to hold onto the stuff until i got a new suv...that didnt happen lmfao instead i got married my wife got a Mercedes GLK350 and i opted for a Mercedes E350 for the mpg (work is a long drive) both have systems and i have some left over audio i plan on selling off, so to my questions/input needed. 


What do I do with these Skar ZVX motors currently with 12inch baskets and blown parts (originally Dual 1ohm models)?


What to do with the 18in recone kit?

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Good thought. I actually came onto a deal where I am having both motors built into 18s, trading the 18inch recone kit for 2 anodized 18in baskets, the 12in baskets I will just give to the company building the 18s.

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