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2019 Escalade new project need some help

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I seen on meades videos he did like a 4ga ground from battery terminal to alternator. So that had me extra confused. Shouldn’t i do my big 3 with 0 gauge then run 0 gauge from engine bay battery to the battery in the trunk? Any suggestions on what post adapters to use for a d4800? I really don’t want to cut my factory ground and power harness/terminals in the engine bay and they’re setup pretty weird so any suggestions on what to do would be helpful. I have 2 XS power AGM bats and a nice alternator to put on. If anyone else has done a build on a new escalade please post some pics so i can see how you routed your power/ground from engine bay to trunk. And what size wires/pics of your big 3 in engine bay. Im running a orion dsplx 3000 and a DC audio level 5 single 12. Also should i use a audiocontrol lc2 or should i use the amp pro sub interface kit? I bought both so i can return whichever i don’t use.  Thank you in advance



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If I'm not mistaken, Steve used 2/0 all throughout the escalade build. Maybe some 1/0 as well. I think maybe the stock wiring is or looks like 4 awg? I think he just added to it. 

On GM vehicles 2006 and up, you have a voltage regulator controller (VRC). It's a plastic ring around your ground wire from your battery, to the engine block. So your "big 3" is more like a big 2. You don't want to bypass that ring and ground the frame to the block. That can cause many problems. 

Is the stock battery under the hood the same chemistry as the XS batteries you have? If so, and you don't want to mess with the stock wiring too much, just keep it and throw the 2 batteries in the back. 

2011 Chevy Silverado under construction

My build log here. Check it out! 


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