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Box Design for Kia Sorento and dual SA10-D2 Classic subwoofers

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I have a 17 Sorento with third row seating. I had 3 SA10-D2 Classic subwoofers and had to knock it down to just two subs. I’m running a 3500 watt RMS SAI-3500 from Sundown as well.  

On the weekends I have 3 children I shuffle around and I also run my own business out of my vehicle.  I’m trying to use the storage area behind my third row seating to house both woofers.  I have the option to take out the back storage are and it gives me about 7 inches of extra height.  I can’t seem to get the box to where it needs to be and I’m tired of wasting money when I don’t obviously know much about what I’m doing.


I’ve got the following measurements to work with 40W up to 25H around 11 deep.  The part that throws me off if my back seats have a 20 incline toward the back hatch. 

i can’t afford to give up seating room on account of the kids and I’m hoping to utilize the space I have. Any help would be appreciated. And yes I know I should of thought this out a little better before I bought them.  

I made one box and it sounds ok, but the issue is I made it rear firing and if I were to put it where intended it seems to be to close to the back hatch and it sounds muffled. That’s why I have it setting back away from the hatch like it is in the picture. 



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