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SQ Install Sub selection / Stereo Integrity SQL15 VS Sundown Audio X12V3

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Can a Sundown X12 perform well in a SQ install? In what enclosure?

I own two subs and am considering building an enclosure for the Sundown X12. I have the Stereo Integrity SQL15 in a 2CF sealed enclosure. 


The car is a 2014 MK6 GTI

These are the system components & specs, 3 way active front + sub

All Linkwitz Riley 24dB per octave. 60Hz on the sub. 80-250 on the midbass. 250-2500 on the midrange and 2500 and up for the tweeters.



Factory HU


Helix DSP 3s


USB to-Optical in

DSP onboard Bluetooth aptx


Tweeter (90 watts — flush dash mount)

Audio Frog GS10

Mid (100 watts — flush dash mount)

Morel carbon nano 2.5"


Mid Bass (300watts — under seat .2cf sealed)
Epique E150HE-44 5-1/2" DVC MMAG Extended Range

Potential X12 enclosure




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