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What size fuses are recommended for this system (3 Fuses Needed)?

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2013 Chevy Colorado - I'm using 1/0ga OFC wire from the battery to a fuse block 10" away from the battery (FUSE SIZE #1 NEEDED), then 1/0ga OFC wire 14' long from the fuse block to a 2-way 0ga/4ga distribution block, from that 2-way dist. block one 4ga OFC wire (FUSE SIZE #2 NEEDED) will go to a D4S JP8 Amp powering a Single Sundown SA 12" Classic in a ProFab Sub Box wired @ 1ohm (Approx. 800 - 1,000 watts will be used), and another 4ga OFC wire (FUSE SIZE #3 NEEDED) from the 2-way dist. block will go to a D4S JP84 4-Channel Amp powering 2 pairs of 3-way component speakers @ 4ohm (Approx. 500 watts will be used). I'm thinking one 200amp fuse at the battery fuse block, one 150amp fuse in the 2-way dist. block for the JP8, and one 60amp fuse in the dist. block for the JP84. Please let me know your thoughts, thank you! Grande-Rande!!!

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What I would do is

At the battery fuse, I'd use a 350 amp fuse. Reason being, most 1/0 ofc wire is rated for about 350 amps of current

For the fuse at the JP8, I'd use a 120 bendy that's what size fuse they recommend

And for the JP84, I'd use a 60 amp fuse being, again, that's what the manufacturer recommends. 

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