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Setting up lc2i and amp

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Hello, looking for some help. 

I’m trying to properly set up my lc2i and amp with the dd1. My only issue is playing a 40hz test tone for setup. My door speakers are not doing so well when playing the tone. I was wondering if it’s ok to set gains on the lc2i and amp with the factory head unit bass eq turned down? I know everyone says to set the eq to flat but I don’t have an easy way to disconnect the door speakers since it’s all factory. On top of that, I feel like a flat eq is too much bass going to my door speakers anyway. Is it fine to set everything up with the bass eq on the factory head unit tuned down a few notches? 


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If you tune it with the bass down, then that's where it has to stay. You can't turn it up afterwards. Just keep that in mind. 

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