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Begging for help the day I got kicked out my system royally fucked me im now living in a truck that don’t run in the cold

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So my stupid ass was impatient an just had to bump the new system without doing the proper upgrades an fucked myself I’ll explain what I have an what’s going on I’ve got a 2001 5.4 f150 stock Alt stock lead acid under the hood battery paired to a deaf bonce 4900.1 nsv4 and a down 4 sound 6.0 lithium I had my power wire from under the hood straight to the lithium then the amp well everything was fine UNTIL TEN MINUTES AFTER BUYING xs power d7500 I didn’t even get to install it mind you I was on the way home when I noticed my cluster gauges all dropped like the car was off or the battery was dead as they would spike I also noticed the battery light was on so I immediately pulled over not even a minute after noticing so I pull over an pop the hood an the lead acid battery was venting/hissing so I disconnected it an my power wire well I sat there for hours trying to figure out what to do I eventually hooked just the acid battery an went to start it that’s when all hell broke loose the battery vent cap shot up in the air an smoke started coming from the dash so I turned it off An said fuck it I gotta find out where it’s coming from to fix it Anyway right I start it back up smokes again an starts missing so damn hard I thought it was gonn rip the engine Mounts at this point I’m pissed so I try starting it one more time an it won’t start come to find out the pcm fuse blew replaced it it blew again an again I hardwired it an it just started glowing some thick copper wire like it was nothing I replaced the cluster an the cabin fuse box an tore the entire dash to the front fuse box  apart an can’t find anything melted or exposed I’ve now been out of a car for a month an loosing hope as I don’t have the money to send it to a shop an before you say it I traded a old ass dirt bike for everything but the xs I added pictures of the cluster an the current mess I’m dealing with ALSO!!! When we made the trade we immediately hooked it up well I noticed the lto wasn’t charging just resting at 12.6  but had a 5 hour drive home so I just turned the amp off an went home well I got back into the city pulled into the gas station checked the voltage a just out of curiosity an the meter was at 6 an went from 6 all the way to 3 an the meter shut off I disconnected the ground an put it right back where it was  an it sparked then went right to charging at 14.4 with the truck on an resting at 13.2 but that’s the only problem I ever had with it an it never did it Again mind you I had it for a whole 5 days 




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