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General knowledge questions. Just recently got smd dd1, tuned by ear for many years decided to come to the 21st century. 


Question being is the dd1 sets amp gain to 1% thd so that's great no dirty signal. The issue I'm struggling with is how should someone set the gains on your amp say if the amp is more powerful then the equipment? 


Ex) I am gonna be running (x4) 4 6.5" rated at 200 rms a peice 800rms total per channel of jp10.4 @ 4 ohm. Amp rated around 1100 watts per channel @ 4 ohm. Something tells me I shouldn't have the gain turned up to the 1% thd mark? 


Ex) I am gonna be running 1 12" sundown nsv5 rated 3k rms, with the jp63 amp rated around 6-8k rms. With the sundown being rated conservative I'm sure it'll take way more then 3k. Just make sure it's under the thd threshold I assume make sure the sub doesn't bottom out?




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use the DD-1 to get everything set to max clean output (source -> everything in between -> amp) then use a DMM to set the output of the amp to whatever you need. There is a formula for determining the output of voltage needed for however many watts you want. It's not perfect but it should be close enough to be safe.

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Stock :(


2019 Harley Road Glide:

Amp: TM400Xad - 4 channel 400 watt

Processor: DSR1

Fairing (Front) 6.5s -MMats PA601cx

Lid (Rear) 6x9s -  TMS69


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