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5.3 dual alternator and dual battery

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  • 8 months later...

i finally bought a dual alt bracket for my 09 silverado. currently a sinlge 300a ( gonna use the stoc alternator till i save a few bones for another 300a). our trucks come with dual battery plates so its easy to put batteries in. as for wiring i grounded second battery to alternator case and then to primary battery, posotive from second battery to alternator then to primary battery. i have dual runs for both posotive and negative to the back of the truck. also have a negative from each battery to chassis. i finally got quad output terminals for each alternator so now i can make the double runs look good as opposed to kinda just drapped under hood. so basically illhave 4 3/0 from second battery to one alt, then 4 from that alt to other alt and then 4 from that alt to primary battery , then 4 to back of truck and to distro block. probably just keep the single battery grounds to the frame tho.

for yours just make sure your second battery terminals get to the other battery basically, how you get there isnt a particular way, as long as they do. you could go from second battery to frame and primary battery to frame also and jump power between the 2 batteries and be fine. some fuse , some dont. i dont, never had an issue if you route them properly. ill take a pic of the temporary wiring i have right now tomorrow if you want.

2009 Silverado 1500, 7.5" lift, 37x12.50r17s, Built Gen 4 5.3L ( 4.8l flat pistons, decked 243s, SS2 Cam, Pac 1218 springs, ported intake, 120mm TB, Long tubes, 3" duals HP tuner software tuned by me), 4l80e swapped and 4.56 gears. All done by me. stereo is Pioneer avh 600ex, all stinger rca, jp23 v1.5, skar rp150.4, and hertz hpd4. 2 SHCA 6.5 8ohm, 1 SHCA 3.5", and 1 DS18 tw120pro in each door. The 3.5 mid and 3.5" tweeters are powered by the skar rp150.4, the 6.5s are powered by the hertz bridged @4 ohms. Dual runs   of 3/0 welding cable, 300a alternator, 2 Vmax AGMs up front. current sub is a AB XR 12 ( dual 2 ohm) with bottom spider cut out in 2.25 cubes at 32hz


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