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I’ve Got a 1994 Mustang Gt The car had the Mach 460 Audio System. I am Fabricating my own 3 Way Components Of sorts and I’m Curious about What Crossovers I should Use. I do plan on Staying passive for now. I’ve got a Set Of Hybrid Audio U61-2v2 6.5 Components For the doors and Tweeters. But, Being that The Factory Tweeter Pods Hold a 2.5 Inch Speaker I’ve made A set Of Sundown Audio SA2.75FR to fit in the factory location. I’d like to use them as my mid range. All 4 Ohm Speakers. I’m Looking for a decent set of 3 way Passive Crossovers. I’ve found some B2 ref63 Crossovers as a pair for $100. 

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To answer the question anyways you have to take a look at hybrid Audio's own website:




Their solution to a 3 way setup is adding the U2x-W to the passive crossovers you already own like it shows in the picture above, you can see then that the crossover frequencies are as follow:


mid woofer     500Hz and below.

mid                   500 to 5200Hz

tweeter           5200Hz and up


The link to the passive crossovers on the left (that make the setup 3 way passive) is as follows:




From this I already can tell you that the B2 crossovers are  not what you are looking for as the crossover frequency between mid and tweeter in those is 3.5 Khz,  much lower than what your tweeters are expecting.


If you have a 4 channel amp you can implement the 500Hz crossover point with it and in the 500Hz and up channels connect your passive crossovers there to drive the mids and tweeters.  Hopefully it makes sense.



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