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  1. UPDATE: Went outside this morning with a fresh energizer straight from the box, popped it in and went straight to testing. Got everything hooked up and started turning up my volume, and what do you know. NO DISTORTION LIGHT. There could definitely be something to learn here for me and whoever else may stumble upon this. The DD-1+ is an excellent tool guaranteed and I love it so far. Unless mine has a defect, going to always make sure my batteries have sufficient juice if I run into detecting such a minute level of distortion. Greatly appreciate the help and tips with this issue. Now I can get bumpin rest assured.
  2. I believe it does have a level control, I’d have to make sure. If I still get the same occurrence with a new battery, just set my gains on where the distortion light comes on you think? And what are odds the level control on the LOC would cause me problems? Appreciate your knowledge.
  3. Im using a simple two channel LOC from best buy, nothing fancy but it seems to have worked for a while. I can try putting a new energizer battery in. The one I have in now is reading 8.0 volts I believe, cant say for sure, know its around that though. Now the question is do i assume I can only go up to about halfway on my HU? Probably what Ill end up doing unless its such a minute amount at that specific volume adjustment.
  4. Hello all, new to this forum and I’ve stumbled across here many times for research. Now brings my question and I’m hoping someone will be able to provide me with some insight with the DD-1+ (which I also recently purchased and have used a few times). While finding my maximum undistorted volume on the headunit, I notice the distortion light illuminates at about halfway on my 2016 VW Passat stock headunit but if i go a click up... the light stays out and continues to stay out until the headunit’s volume is maxed out. Now why is this happening, it’s been puzzling me all day, does my HU just distort at one point for some odd reason? Or is this device just capable of detecting such small amounts? So far I’m highly satisfied with it just have this very question with my situation. I have a P1000x1bd amplifier that has the “clean setup” and is equipped with led that comes on when the HU distorts, but this stays off consistently throughout the process. My guess would be the DD-1+ Is superior to detecting it over the clean setup, but like I said I’m not too sure, any insight helps. Thanks guys!
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