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Interior Length: ~2,5m

Interior Height: ~1,2m

Interior Depth: ~1,7m


Scenario1: Listening position: Driver/Passenger seat, sitting normal; Subwoofer alone playing:

15-27Hz: good

28-55Hz: undefined/muddy/muffled/doubled/overwhelming

55-80Hz: dipped/canceled/almost non-existent


Scenario2: Listening position: Driver/Passenger seat, laying flat; Subwoofer alone playing:

15-80Hz: good


Tried without any success:

-changing subwoofer position

-soundproofing everything but the ceiling



-it's not a crossover issue

-it's an acoustic issue


How would you approach this issue?




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You need to specify what's your vehicle, what is the sub model the box specs and some pictures if possible.


Looks like a box issue,  installing a DSP could help flatten your response but not the other issues, in some situations inverting the phase of the signal to the subs can help some cancellation issues, other times box location / sub, port firing direction etc can help.


try what is suggested and if you still not get results then  provide the details I asked about above.

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The vehicle is a Kia Rio UB III 2016, European Edition, 3 Doors.


Worth mentioning, once door panels&co. are taken out, that the inside-design looks very strange, such that there is like a tunnel space on both left and right sides, when looking from the trunk, between the trunk and the space where the back-door "is", you could put your hand from the trunk and come to the side all the way to where the back door is.


- would not be a box issue, the same subwoofer in the same box sounds good in another car/in another enclosed space

- a Home-Subwoofer instead, by keeping it connected to its home amplifier sounds similar

- inverting the phase + time alignment + position settings + etc: slight differences, but with the same overwhelming feeling


If when changing the listening position (like when I lay flat), the bass evens out and seems normal, wouldn't that suggest an acoustic issue?

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