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Battery / Capacitor Question ???

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Needing some help on which route to take.

Here is a quick rundown of the system.

- Mechman 400A

- (2) XS D3400's under hood

- Triple run of 1/0 OFC Knu Konceptz (front to back)

- Salt 8K

- Salt 500.4

- (4) Sundown X v.3 15's

- Focal Mids/Highs (front & rear)


As of now, I doubt this vehicle will be used for competitions...it will only be used for DEMOS at car shows, etc....


Here is my question:

1. Should I add a couple more D3400's in the rear ???


2. Should I add (1) more D3400 in the rear and (2) XS Superbanks ???


Last system I put together was in 1989...back then we didn't use capacitors...just need some help from everyone on what route I should take.  



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Realistically even with the 2 d3400s under the hood and adding 2 more in the back isn't enough voltage for a Salt 8k when you consider that amp can do 11,000 watts rms if voltage is held in the high 13volt range.


Voltage/current is going to come from the path of least resistance, so even with triple runs of 1/0, a 400amp alt, and 2 D3400s under the hood that amp is going to pull most its power from the rear power bank of the vehicle first. 

Since you said this is for Demos and not playing a 3 second long test tone you will want your voltage stout.

So I would go with 2 D3100s if you can fit them not D3400s and 2 Super banks to start. Id also do a couple runs of 1/0 for negative wire front to back as well if you have not already.



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@audiofanaticzthanks for this info...very helpful.  As far as negative runs...it is also triple runs of 1/0 front to rear.


Let me know what you think of this...


(1) D3100 under the hood


(2) D3100's & (2) SB1000-31 Superbanks all linked together in the rear with a buss bar???  Just curious if a buss bar is the way to go in the rear and make it all look clean?  Also, if I need to step up to a bigger Superbank like the SB1260-31...this is no problem.  Thanks again for this help!

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Sounds like voltage issues? Assuming it is, sounds like you have plenty of reserve capacity (batteries) so you should look into another alternator. That’s a lot of current draw. Capacitors are merely useless especially with your setup by the way so please don’t waste your money on one. The way I thought about it and learned was let’s say you have 1 battery total, that battery will be taking 100% of the current pull your amp wants. Then you have 2 batteries, well, now each battery will basically only drain half of what one would giving you slightly higher voltage. Then on and on. I’d recommend another alternator for your case. I’m assuming you have some way to monitor your live voltage so to kinda troubleshoot, see what your voltage drops to at idle when bumping then go for a drive and see what it’s at because your alternator will then be at max output. If it’s noticeably better on the drive then bingo, need another alt. But if you’re looking to have the car turned off at these shows, I guess just buy all the xs power batteries you can find man!😂

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