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Hello Wizards,

I wanted to pick some brains (whichever are willing) and get an opinion on what I plan on doing to tell me if this is the correct way to go about it.



Old Sundown Zv3 magnet, New Sundown Zv4 Basket and soft parts (DVC 1ohm, plan on running at .5ohm), CAB 1600.1 (run @ .5ohm), and a 6th Order Bandpass I have designed and plan on building.


6th Order Design: 3/4" Plywood, Double Baffle Sub Wall

Magnet Side: 3cbft, 30Hz, 1 Aeroport 4.5" diameter x 12.51" length Flared both sides

Cone Side: 1.5cbft, 50Hz, 1 Aeroport 4.5" diameter x 8.09" length Flared both sides


I am using WINisd to play around with box and port sizes and I really like the transfer function this design is providing. I have measured the size of my woofer accurately but have used the baseline testing of a Zv4 12" as the Woofer data into WINisd (should I not do this?). Of course this doesn't account for port displacement, woofer displacement, and bracing but I will optimize the box shape and size to make sure I end up with the cbft stated above on each side of the sub woofer.


Do the Aeroport sizes/design sound stupid? Does the cbft Ratio sound weird? Does the HZ Ratio sound stupid? Should I trust WINisd?

Is there anything I should keep in mind or watch out for?


All comments are welcome, thank you for the knowledge.

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