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Very Low Numbers

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steel: sorry bro but you are wrong. Distance has EVERYTHING to do with why we run larger wire. If my amps or battery bank were 12" away from my alt it might be ok with smaller wire but it is a 25 foot run. I would love to see what would happen in your car pulling 1600 amps thru a single 25 foot 4ga cable. Get your fire extinquisher ready to go. My big amps draw up to 400a each (there is 4 of them) and it would be DEVESTATING if i attempted to use a 4ga wire.....

Seriously, you seem like a nice guy but you are so far off on this one its almost embarrasing.


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I was told by Ohio to use 4 gauge for batt + to alt + and 1/0 for the batt-to-frame and batt-to-block

I don't know the reasoning behind their advice but the minimal wire size for 225 amps is 2guage wire. You are better off running the 1/0 cable, less resistance.

For the ones who say that size is not needed they need to look at the specs on the type of wire they are using. It takes a thicker guage of fine stranded welding wire to handle the same current as a solid wire used in houses.

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Big mistake!!! My apologies to ho!!! it was ohio who said to only use 4 gauge for the charging lead. Just fyi, don't want anyone to be misled.

Loud as f*ck, and sounds good doing it.

Team built from here on out!!!!

BIG things to come.........

Missing link is the shite!!!



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