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  1. I would use the amps speaker leads as the detecting source. Turn the gain all the way down and the crossover all the way up. Turn the gain down on all of the components between the amp and the headunit. detect the headunit first, then the epicenter, then finally, the amp. If this is unclear, send me an im.
  2. In missouri if there is an unfused run of power cable from the battery, the audio shop is required to unhook it. by law, due to the fire risk. just sayin. i would have unhooked the cable from the battery and let her go on her way till she was ready for it to be right. f all the fire talk. lol!!!
  3. scope both amps and measure both. gain match to the lower voltage of the two if using a dmm to gain match.
  4. edit My bad. the dnx7180 shows high voltage 4v outputs. Awesome. Sound quality before anything in my opinion. Get it if it has all the bells and whistles you want. Just make sure it has 4v outputs.
  5. I don't know what kind of vehicle you have but you can look for adapters for the size speakers you want. Hertz makes a killer 6x9 for the rears and you can also do a component set in the kicks up front which will give you better imaging for sq. drop the money for some front components in the kicks if you have to and drop some 6x9's in the back. power them well and be pleased. you always will want more sq up front. I personally don't even run a rear fill at all. I have hertz components up front and 2 15's in a trunk wall. I love it. Not one complaint on any lack of sq.
  6. That sux man. In the same boat. Not same occurance but about 3 weeks ago i smoked my audison vrx1.500 and i grabbed my spare that had already been warranty repaired, hooked it up, went to set the gain with my dd-1 and it went straight into protect. Both are at the shop about to be shipped out. bassless. Hang in there. Give it some time, grab another batt and then wang.
  7. and the settings remain true even as the ipod as the source unit. just fyi.
  8. I swear by kenwood headunits. I have a kenwood kvt-819dvd excelon unit and it is amazing. The dd-1 proved its quality. No distortion with volume at 35/35 and sub level at 7/10. as for mid and highs.... no distortion at +10 on both. still set everything at flat regarding mid high and bass but sub volume is +7/10 and volume 35/35 with no distortion. Its the shite!!!
  9. Eaglescorpio1 Missouri and Kansas 64119, Clay County DD-1 No Charge Ever Just have to be patient with my schedule
  10. walmart western union them shites. see if you can. its worth it. i have had mine and my friends thank me for it. lol
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