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Hi I am looking for two alts

1 for a 2000 Honda civic 1.6l

1 for a 1992 Chevy S-10 2.8l

Not really needing huge alts just alot bigger than a 70 for the Honda.

Please pm a price thanks.

We have the StreetBeat Kit for the Honda that is conservatively rated at 250 amps with 150 at idle which is priced at $499. By next week we hope to launch our new budget conscious series of 150 - 200 amp large case conversions that crank out 100-125 amps at idle, depending on the vehicle. THe cool part about these new kits, is that they will still be based on the late model large case design just like their StreetBeat big brother, so they won't even be breaking a sweat at that amperage level. This new kit will likely be priced at $349. If you are interested, I could put you at the front of the wait list for it's release.

For the S-10, we offer a Comp series 320 amp large case conversion unit for $449 (includes itegrated adjustable voltage feature), a StreetBeat 250 amp large case conversion for $399(includes itegrated adjustable voltage feature), and a standard medium case 150 amp unit (90 at idle) for $299 also available with adjustable voltage.

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