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  1. Try baking soda and a decent brush. If that doesn't quite do it use baking soda with iodized salt mixed in.
  2. Im have 2 XS Power D1200S batteries for sale.
  3. Or depending on how much your total is is could be more off if you use code p20 at checkout to get 20%off your whole order. P20 is only good up to $50
  4. I dont see where your back cable is hooking to the front. If you connected it to that little dinky terminal that would be a big mistake........ If you hooked your wire up through the dist. box then it would have been a bigger mistake. Not doing the big three could have been very helpful as well......
  5. Can you post a pic of the front battery with the wires connected to it? I want to see the terminals and such...
  6. Did you have the big three done? Did you run your wire from the front battery to the back batteries? What size wire was used?
  7. Thats a great deal! they are worth more than that !!!
  8. I dislike her so much I came into this thread hoping she was dead........
  9. I have 2 DC Audio level 4's with level five parts..... PM Me if you are interested.
  10. What is a reasonable price for 2 DC Audio Level 4 12's with level 5 coils and soft parts? They are used but not abused if that makes a difference.
  11. It really looks like you backed into someone.......Maybe thats how it snapped.. you tweaked your car.... lol
  12. I run a mechman 250amp alt and mine does the same thing as the op. I have everything set up with big three and xspower batts. I idle very low too especially when the vehicle is warm.. sometimes down below 500 rpm. I dont think anything is wrong with the alt at all.
  13. They dont have serial numbers on them and The amount that the subs cost would constitute a felony in most states. Why would that not be your first move? Normal people call the police when there things are stolen.
  14. Can someone pm me the price on these and the 5k's? thanks
  15. Feel free to set up fake accounts using mailinator or other spam emails
  16. Please help My wife win this tattoo contest. These are the picture and some close ups. she has most of the color done but she couldnt edit it. If you want I can upload some color ones later. Thanks for the help! It takes a few minutes to sign up but she would really appreciate it and so would I. thanks again Here is the voting link: http://theindependen...contestid=25333
  17. true, but it also helps to know what the name of the program is. googling the program name and "removal" comes up with VERY helpful guides on how to remove them. along the lines of "antivirus 2009 removal" (made up) will come up with super awesome guides. I wish it was that simple. The program will not allow any type of downloading or opening of software that can remove it. The program also only allows the pc to be on 15 mins before it bluescreens and shuts down. The fix for me is save as much info as possible on an external drive then remove the drive from the pc and install it into my laptop and reformat the whole drive. I then get to start from the beginning.... Yea 10 hours of work left... anyways thanks for your comments. I do appreciate the help.
  18. Does anyone know how to get rid of ransomware on a laptop? Thanks for your time in advance!
  19. Not only does rusty and Ana know who I am Rusty knows where the best gifts come from! :-) He is also kinda cool because he plays Mafia Wars with all of us cool kids......
  20. I do not know which amount is right so how would I fix it?
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