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RIP-Robert Stephen Irwin AKA. The Crocodile Hunter

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I wonder if they'll release the video footage...

It kinda made me mad because on my way to work the day after it happened they were all cracking on him and laughing about it. I think he was awesome to watch. Especially for kids...

X2...same thing here
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They are gonna show it on TV, it was  Irwins last request if I die while doing this Film it all and make sure it gets on TV, Id link you to it but I cant remember where I readit, It will be on TV soon, or thats what I hear anyhow

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I've been watching him for years, It was crazy sad to see him go. I feel for his wife and family I have a three year old as well, and I couldn't imagine him going on without me, more important me going on without him.....

But think about it... If he had to pick a way to go, would a poison stinger from a stingray straight throught he heart be the way? That's pretty Crocadile Hunterish, isn't it?    R.I.P

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