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How big is yours? (Monitor Size)

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Guest MegaloManiac

techinally underrated for me since its running off the HU no amp yet...saving for an eD NINe 4 :-*

i didnt get  NINE 4 after all....... i got an avionexx 440.4 ;D

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An oldie, Nokia 445XiPlus 21". Right now it's set at 1152 x 864, but I can take it up to 2048 x 1536.

Do I like it? Not really, just haven't found the right 42" LCD monitor yet (right means good price). I did find a 32" for $699 at Best Buy, which I'm considering.

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I got me a samsung 931bf I think it is (at school) 2ms, 2000:1 contrast ratio 19" LCD. I will get another one soon. I can't wait til I get 2 of the same size and same model (and lcd) monitors. I <3 it  :D

  I have two now. The one I just got is same model number but it says "Variable Contrast" instead of nothing on the thing like the other does so I don't know. It's nice though  :D
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