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  1. So there was a stray wire DIRECTLY in front of the right speaker *face palm* Takes a lot more juice now and sounds great.
  2. For sure. I will let you know my results. Thanks again!
  3. Definitely my plan. I will separate tweets from the mids after I add more mids and see how that works. Thanks for the recommendations
  4. The tweeters came with bass blockers and I installed them anyway to be safe. My issue isn't really the treble....it sounds fine. I just want my vocals to keep up with the bass
  5. Here is a breakdown of my system: --BMW Headunit with Hifi 676 option going to a Technic harness which provides low level balanced differential outputs (front and rear) --This goes to an Audiocontrol DM-608 DSP >> (X2) Precision Power 520.4 (soon to be replaced) and a Sundown SFB 5K --One PP 520.4 is connected to the Morels and Alpine SPR-10TW tweeters bridged. --The other PP 520.4 runs the center stock speaker bridged (crossed at 115Hz) and 2 underseat 8" midbass drivers @ 2ohm each. --The Sundown 5K is on 1 15" Skar Audio VXFD4 --Rear door speakers are disconnected ATM
  6. I do appreciate SQ....but I also like my ears to bleed a little every now and then. I have them paired with Tweeters (around the same rated power). I admit, they do sound very warm and emotional especially when burned in. I currently have about 250 Wrms going to each door. It may just be physical damage to the actual driver as it sounds like the former is hitting something and only the right side is doing this. I will inspect it further and let you know for sure....
  7. I actually bought the Morels. They didn't quite work out in my favor. They are considerably quieter than the Alpines I had and can't handle the 150 Watts that they claim. I had to cross them over to 120Hz+ to avoid over-driving them.
  8. Thank you for the recommendation!
  9. I need some recommendations as far as the loudest possible 4" mid-range speaker. I am planning a build with 2 15s and need to be able to hear my vocals over the bass. The main goal here is LOUD and CLEAR. No budget. Vehicle: 2015 BMW X3 What I have now: Alpine S-S40 coaxials. I will get the amplifier power to match, I just need some ideas.
  10. I am also interested in this amp by B2. But I can’t find a review anywhere. Anyone has experience with this amp?
  11. Wolfram sold! Moderators, please lock. Thanks
  12. Bump for price drop. $250 each. Need these gone
  13. Bump! price drop: Wolfram: $275 shipped. Orion : $275 shipped. $500 gets you both amps. Shipped.
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