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  1. Wolfram sold! Moderators, please lock. Thanks
  2. Bump for price drop. $250 each. Need these gone
  3. Bump! price drop: Wolfram: $275 shipped. Orion : $275 shipped. $500 gets you both amps. Shipped.
  4. Bump for a solid amp! Also.... $300 Shipped. Mint. Get both amps for $550 shipped!
  5. $300 shipped (Lower 48 states). Mint condition. Pretty much brand new. Less than 2 hours of operation. Needed a smaller amp for a project, otherwise this is perfect.
  6. For the record, a PC CAN post AND boot with faulty RAM. Sometimes, the only way to know for sure is to test it using tools like memtest86.
  7. im not sure....might want to pm Rusty. but definitely get yours with L5 coils.
  8. t-money how do you like those infinity comps? setup looks loud man
  9. when i had my level 4 12s with level 5 coils i had a powerbass 3000D on them. couldn't get them to stink for the life of me. they wanted more.
  10. it'll take 1200 Wrms all day long and if it has level 5 coils it'll take 1500 wrms all day long
  11. yeah I wondered about that....isn't it just 1500, 2000, 3000 and 3500 Ds? Edit: Dc, go with the largest battery that can fit under your hood.
  12. The main purpose of your fuse is to protect your wire. So, if you're using 0 Guage, 300 AMP fuses should be fine
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