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Got my XL Today!!

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i had round 3k goin to both of my XLs when i had 2 of em in a wall, and they took it like champs! ;)

Vehicle-2014 Ford Fusion on 20" cruiser alloy obsessions
Subs-4 8" sundown audio E8v3

Sub Amp-Hifonics Brutus Elite 1200.1
box-2.8cubes after all dis tuned to 32hz 4" aero
Mids and highs-2 sets of Memphis PR 6.5 components

Mids amp-Hifonics Brutus Elite 800.4
Deck-Factory Integration
40sqft of damplifier Pro



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i had round 3k goin to both of my XLs when i had 2 of em in a wall, and they took it like champs! ;)

an man they are still going like champs i think there getting pissed at me bc they need an want more power lmao glad i got these from u couldt be happier

kia spectra 4 door

HU-a kenwood kdc-692x

optima red top under the hood ( kinetik battery or powermaster in the back )

Iraggi 260amp H/O alternator

1 set of knu kandy 1/0 guage wiring kit ( 2 more sets coming )

front speakers -

back speakers -

2 12" lv 4's with lvl 5 softparts ( going to be 4 in near future)

Sundown 3500d( going to be 2 sometime )

i have boughten from - Bass14(smd), ddbump(caraudioclassifieds)

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oooo nice, I need to come see that thang =D That big show is coming up that I told you about in lula so ill be hearing and taking videos of that mofo =D

Fixed it..it was dumb..lol but its a beast of a beast now

And Bullet got any other info for the show date time and such..depending on that ill go!

Just a hint had my driver door opened and my pass side window cracked with the pass side door closed..my brother said on pass side it was blowing the leafs on the ground,with the window cracked!!!!!!..THIS THANG MOVES SOME AIR!!!!

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2-SSA EVIL 18's

American Bass VFL 1100.1 Down .5

Mechman 370amp Alt

6-XS Power D3100's

4th Order B-Piller Wall



4-AP 8's

8-DB Drive S3 6.5's

4-Selenium Tweets

2-DB Drive Super Tweets

YouTube- HatrixCOD

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