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  1. Yeah, we cleaned up as best we could. NO NO, my hands are that steady for sure! haha. Before I did that my friend was saying, "omg turn this off I am getting dizzy!"
  2. No you can't put a slidefire on without modification and a trigger job from what I hear. Friend has the s&w ar15-22 and if you plan on shooting a lot I suggest you get it. I myself have put 2000 rounds through his haha. Tacticooled it out with DE/black grips grips and rail covers, light, and an eotech. I may get my own and slap a suppressor on it.
  3. Yeah no shit. 10mm is a mean ass round.... First thing I thought when I saw this was either he is going to have a hot 10mm in his spine or he is going to have a broken rib or two...
  4. Yes, she didn't do too bad either. She grew up reloading and shooting with her father though.
  5. Holy shizz, Ben is back! I picked up an XD-40 stainless right after christmas. I never thought I would like a polymer but it is a sweet sweet gun!
  6. It was $600 at bass pro.... the only place I could find it in stock(I didn't want to wait any longer lol). I called them an hour earlier and they said they didn't have it but I was going there to look at bows anyway, so I see it and i'm like wtf haha.
  7. skeet skeet 3901 lol. I got it for some sporting clays, skeet, and trap. I hope to shoot in some skeet competitions soon . I don't know the full story of the 3901 but I think it is the internals of a 391 with a 390 gas system. Anyway that is my spiel!
  8. My friend has one and we put a golf ball through a metal garbage can LOL. One of those cheap thin ones.
  9. I have recently become very interested in skeet shooting and hopefully will be picking up a 3901 this Saturday! I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with it and what their thoughts on it are. http://www.berettausa.com/products/3901-citizen-synthetic/default.aspx Now I just gotta sell my 870 and Mossberg HS410.... :/ These two guns ofc.
  10. Yeah why buy the games if he just bitches and returns them. If I worked at EB games where he buys from I would tell him to go fuck himself and not bring the game back like he probably does every week.
  11. My Jeep does this all the time. Even when I had a new alternator, belt, and wires. The only explanation I can think is that when the fan turns on it places a sudden strain and the belt slips for a second.
  12. lol they offer a voltage module for my jeep http://www.performancechiptuning.com/Voltage+Performance+Chip+Module/7/
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