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  1. Not sure where to see member number on moble but I joined November 3rd 2007, iv been around here for awhile too then lol.
  2. the decal is not a glowing decal, its just a decal that looks etched, the glow is from LED lights inside the box.
  3. I no someone that could etch a logo on there for ya guys too lol....just throwing it out there
  4. LEGIT! how ever you wouldn't last 5 min with that thing playing while driving round here. which I would lol so i really shouldn't get one lol
  5. actually, not everyone knows it. Some people think im an asshole because maybe they told me "you have big rims and big woofers because your dick is small" and i told them i would slap their mother across the forehead with it and show how small it is......those people don't like me. hahah... but anyone who is halfway cool, i am always cool to. Period. People are 100% grade A assholes to me and they don't seem to like my comebacks very much which leads me to being called even more names LMAO. What can i do. haters gona hate bro!
  6. im thinking this is a perfect time for a box rebuild in your Tahoe steve if you still have the BTL 18s laying around put them and your "old" box in the kids whip and box rebuild in the hoe DO EEET
  7. Subs Bought (SSA XCON 15s) Amp Bought (Cactus Sounds K5) Batts this week guess whos BACK! :)

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