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  1. i wasnt telling him to put that much just stating that ppl have put that much on them. but yes with the power the op will have he should be fine
  2. yea i seen some ppl put 3000 just to one xl but thats with a well built box an electrical an no clipping
  3. thinking of trading my sundown 3500d an cash for 2 sundown 2000ds

  4. damn thats a beast when u get them done if u do trade ins on them imma trade my lvl 4 12's with lvl 5 soft parts for one
  5. damn i might pick one up for my girl then to match my 3500d
  6. whats the rms an what would be the most rms u could go over the rated rms on these
  7. it must just be me but i thought when u flush mount it the bottom peiece sticks out all the way around but your last pick it looks even in a few spots or im just blind haha but awsesome box man i never got to build one for my xl 15's
  8. awesome man i cant wait till i get to build my box for my lvl 4 12's gonna be sweet
  9. looking nice i got the same subs an the same amp alt from iraggi
  10. how far from burlington iowa are u i have 2 15' dual 1 xls i would might let go
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