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Thanks dudes for the positive comments.

I started this project 2 years ago. A long time ago they asked me to post the project here, but I've kinda forgot about it.

The things I'm about to post now are finished for over a long time.

At the moment I'm finishing up the amplifier.

You'll get to see this in a couple of weeks, then you can follow the project day to day, in real time.

As I said before, I'm not bothered with someone's bad opinions, sometimes maybe I can learn...

The time I'm putting into this project doesn't bother me... I'm trying to enjoy the things I do as much as I can, and try it to do as GOOD as I can.

Enjoy dudes!

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holly shit man ur build is so sexy i jizzed my pants looking at the pics.

you have amazing skill working with CF and coming up with thoes ideas.

YOU SHOULD RUN FOR SYSTEM OF THE MONTH this is the cleanest build ever :)

good job bro

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for you guys that have never seen this build let me explain some stuff.....

he dose everything with a router, you would think he has a cnc, the detail that he puts in to the build is just plan nuts

the outside of the car has been touched to the whole front end has been rebuilt to get all the gaps right on a body kit that was less then perfect, of corse he add some custom touches too

I have been following this since it started and he will continue to amaze you every step of the way

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i dont think u need any input from us lol

this is just plan sick




deepsilencer, on 22 Aug 2011 - 17:32, said:

splzx3, on 22 Aug 2011 - 17:27, said:

i had my fun on one of his videos...till he blocked me then i got my mother into it lol after her he closed the comments xD

lol your mom is a G! good.gif

WTF, I never thought I'd have a conversation about cross dressers and trans-genders on a car audio forum.

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Sick build, keep on doin what you do, youre extremely good at it. Ive never used CF before, do you treat it just like FG, lay it and resin it on or is there something else to it?

woman..cant live with em...cant shoot em...guess were all fucked

You might be a Redneck if you use your leftover gutters for a speaker box port...

YOU JUST LOST THE GAMER.I.P. Blazer=========================Last setup was in the 141s on music (37hz) with 2 12s and 1kw in a 4dr blazer.2010 Mitsubishi Lancer DE2 12in Clarions (kept from blazer)HiFonics BRZ1700.1d (at 2 ohms BLOWN) [JBL GTS180X for subs currently 60wRMS x2ch!!!!!! This works for till i get the blown amp fixed] Alpine 4ch salvaged from blazer (currently near death)9887 peerless 7s in the doors and CDT tweeters ran active no speakers in the rearKintik HC1400 under the hood.metered once a while ago, dont remember it...was piss poor compared to the blazer, mid 130s i think....looking to replace subs and amp when i have money.

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