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  1. A couple of years ago I an oven myself to let my carbon fiber pieces to cure. I sol dit when I moved out of my house. Now that I’m settled, I made a new one. Cause someday, I want to make a carbon fibre trunk spoiler, I made this one big enough. Accidentally, a friend of mine had an oven laying around in his garage for me. Because I NEVER had any issues with my previous one, I used the same materials. Here you see the 2 heating elements where I only connected the outer ones, cause this supplies the heat I needed (70 degrees) You can also see that I provided the solid iron plate with a heat-resistant cloth. The case I made of 18mm thick melanin. Cause the heat goes up, I also provided the top with a cloth. You can also see that the plate is about 6cm from the bottom. I did this to prevent the wood overheating. The original lamp was also used. So I don’t to put the thing OFF in time Then I also made a aluminium plate with big holes to put on the big pieces. When everything was ready, I put everythings on my driveway and turned it on for 10hours on the highest setting. If something would happen, it should have been then.
  2. On the end of the bas reflex, I made some sort of flange to tighten the whole thing. I like to have many different components that you can screw in and out of each other when there’s somethings wrong with it This is the backside. It needs to be finished more properly Here's how the plastic drain pipe is mounted. On this piece I can now continue with a right pipe Simple. Of course, this pipe will also be painted in silver. And this is how it looks at the back where it’s screwed. As you can see I'm busy again making some new door panels for my BMW. My operated left shoulder is for 80% as it should be, of course there are limitations in terms of motion and strength, but as it is now I can get away with it. However, I hven’t got good news for the right shoulder. They have taken a scan and it shows that my bone is worn. All they can do is put a reverse shoulder prosthesis. In my case (wheelchair) this is not without risk. Since I use my shoulders more than a normale person, this will wear out much faster. With a prosthesis, the movements of my arm are also very limited. I understand that’s when I’m doing this, my hobby could be finished.. Now stopping and doing nothing, won’t help either. The surgeon told me I just have to everyday things but don’t force myself. Enjoy everything you do he said, and so I do. Since I don’t have that much pain in it now I’m postponing the operation as long as possible. A time when I have to have the surgery, they can’t say… I didn’t sat still very long, when they told me the news. A lot of thinking never helped anyone in this case. There are worse things in ,life. Working in my garage, on my bimmer, having fun and enjoying the things I can still do…that’s the message for now. That’s it…simple. Old skool pictures From Steve Brown and me.
  3. I’ve done an upgrade tot he armrests (evo3). I thought they looked quite simple, so I sanded down the character line. Now that I’m satisfied, i twill stay like this As for the sound, I’m going to try playing with a bass reflex. This is going to be very difficult, but I’ll try anyway. A good friend of mine who has a special program fort his, is going to calculate the length of the gate. I already made the exit of the gate. And made a test. After that I mille dit all from mdf And finished it of. These 2 pieces have taken 2 days of work, but I’m very proud of the result. Especially according to presentation, that’s important for me. So I’ll be mounted in the door. What’s black will be covered in carbon fibre, and the bass reflex will be painted in silver, like the moldings in the interior Here you can see the carbonworks. 5 layers of epoxy are added here. After sanding you can see it’s not quite smooth yet, 2-3 more layers will be necessary
  4. This is going to be the bottom side of the armrest. 3 layers machined MDF , and then glued everything together. Then finished everything and made a Pirana of it (female red lips ). Armrests are (model-wise) ready for 70% I’m going to add a little change to the aluminium. Where the red line is, I’m going to abrade it so it will look more smoothly. Meanwhile, I have to think of something original that is coming to stand next to the speakers. More on this later .
  5. As for the armrest I did a small change . The original latch to open the door is chromed. I definitely wanted to make this view come back in my armrest I’m making. I cut out an aluminum plate of 5 mm thick and then glued it to the MDF and held against the copy milling cutter. Simple. Of this alloy you will only see the thickness . I'm going to polishing and chrome plating leave. To put everything firmly tight I have two pieces of aluminum machined from 6mm . These you won’t see anymore once everything is covered. So it would seem like the armrest is floating. Because everything is no longer flat , I provided the inside with 5 layers of polyester Sanded, and sprayed it black. When everything is ready for the doors they go on a diet
  6. The part which stands in the middle of the door, I made of polyester. Of course I had to make a mold of it first. Firs I cut out the cardboard , then cut 1mm thick HPL what I still had laying around. The advantage is that you can make a good model if you clamp it, and tighten it up. Then taped everything, and cut the polyester to size. 3 Layers of cloth. This is the result You can also see that there is a rounding over the entire length . This should now be thoroughly sanded, and then everything nicely done with filler. Then I started to make a support for imposing the elbow. This will be the upper part. I also have a first mold ( the 3 front) made from MDF and then milled everything. Good thing I only have 2 doors 
  7. This is the piece of MDF where the rest will be placed on. The right part where the peakers come to be (model-wise) fora bout 90% complete. As you can see , it looks very blunt as it is now . Soon you'll see some changes
  8. I was able to mounten the upper part of the original panel pretty firmly on the volkern ( Trespa ) . I was able to screw this beautiful but once all that is done, I also glued it together. You can also see the frame 2x18mm MDF which stands on the solid core. So the original upper part is tightened! Then I started to make a model where the speakers can stand into These three MDF parts are made with the uppermill. In the upper end the speakers will come. In the middle you see the outside where the grill will be placed in , and underneath it frame where the grill will be mounted in. Here you can see everything together
  9. The four MDF sections that stand in the door I have now adjusted so that the window can go down like it should. You can see at the back there is quite a difference in terms of depth. This has to do with the shape of the window. Now I have this, I can start to adjust the original top , and fix the panel that I made. So I can have it back in 1 piece , & I can move on to the next step.
  10. Because I did not have to modify the top of the original door panel, I'll use it like this. I still had two panels laying around, so I decided to put in the saw. This is how it looks now.. As you can see now, I can perfectly see where the window lands once it’s rolled down. Here you can see I’m about 3mm under the window. Of course I need to close this room on the backside. I’m planning of doing this with MDF of 16mm. So I took a lath of 18mm and held it against the window, and then drew a line. What was too much I milled away , and now I have such a 5mm between the window and the MDF .
  11. I already changed my doors to fit in the Focal 16cm The 16cm now going to have to make room for two Focal Be 13 WS . This is going to be a challenge because I want to let them play in a closed room to play between 10 and 14 liters. Preferably 14. That's not going to be easy , thinking in terms of space , and then again thinking about the resonance, but i’ll manage. Difficult is still not impossible, I’ve already done it with my previous bmw (e30) First of all, I cut some, and cleaned up a bit. Loosened all of the cables. Cleared all of the cables nicely, and brought in the saw. You can see what I sawed, it’s lying on the ground. This all looked a lot better to me. Thats what I sawed, of course, I treated against corrosion etc. You can also see that I put on an aluminum slat L where the panel will be placed ON . Because I needed to have a firm foundation , I milled two panels of 4mm HPL ( Trespa) . L and R. I provided some holes for clips to secure the plate to the original position. This fixation I use for making it a bit more easy for me . Within a few weeks you 'll begin to see that these panels will be screwed . Then I started to make the closed room. I made a loooooooooooooooot of silly little molds made out of cardboard , and then I drew it all on on 18mm MDF . After a lot of milling I had this. This all w ill be mounted in the car A familypicutres of the 18 parts L&R.
  12. It is now as a 13 weeks since I 've had my surgery on my left shoulder. Time flies… The recovery is according to plan. I've been doing some physiotherapy for several weeks now . Frankly, I still need to pay attention on what I do. It’s easy to overdo myself and overweigh y shoulder. Of course I had a LOT of time to think. As for the BMW , I'm NOT going to be able to do a number of things . Getting into the trunk won’t be possible anymore. And you know what has been created for in there…. How the story of the trunk will turn out, I don’t know myself. We will see Since the beginning of this week, I felt good enough to go to the garage. I think most know that I had some made the ICE in my wife her Polo.. When we started the renovation of the house, I retrieved the ICE from the trunk so we put could put the seats down and load some more stuff.. Now we have decided not to remount the install, but use the trunk for normal use. This was what was inside. Of course I was already doing a lot of thinking about what I could do to BMW This was mainly a light work what I could make at a table. I had two door panels laying around here, and I had the 4 Focal Utopia Be 13 W wich came out of the Polo. You can guess what I did. This is how the box looks after clearing my mind EMPTY
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