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Cone Area Of A Subwoofer

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How to calculate cone area

Cone area = pi x (r x r)

pi = 3.14 r = radius of sub

One 8" = 50.27

One 10" = 78.54

One 12" = 113.1

One 15" = 176.71

One 18" = 254.47

Two 8" = 100.53

Two 10" = 157.08

Two 12" = 226.19

Two 15" = 353.43

Two 18" = 508.94

Three 8" = 150.8

Three 10" = 235.62

Three 12" = 339.29

Three 15" = 530.14

Three 18" = 763.41

Four 8" = 201.06

Four 10" = 314.16

Four 12" = 452.39

Four 15" = 706.86

Four 18" = 1017.87


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I figured someone would find this informative. Some of these surprised me after doing the calculations. Two 15s > Three 12s and Two 18s > Four 12s. Cone area is something everyone should consider when building a stereo system, especially if its spl oriented. With everything else equal, the setup with the most cone area will be louder.


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Did you remember to subtract an inch from everything? 12's are actually 11 and so on.

no he didnt im pretty sure but either way even if you subtract an inch from everything the all the numbers will compare the same they will just be smaller.

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i think he is trying to say you have to subtract an inch from the diameter to account for the surround

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Not all woofers are created equal.

So, some have larger surrounds, etc making the effective cone area less.

You need to go by the effective cone area for that woofer x its xmax, to get linear displacement. "cubic liters of air"

Displacement is what we are looking for in bass. The more displacement there is = the more air being moved. Since bass is all about moving air, that means you will be louder.

If everything is done correctly.

The very first thing I look at in a woofer is displacement, then bl, the qts,qes, then power.

Hope i didnt confuse anyone.

Im done for now.

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This was meant for simple comparison purposes that even a beginner could understand. A lot of novices start out with two 10s or two 12s when in actuallity (with all other things equal) one 15 would do better than a pair of 10s or one 18 would do better than two 12s and in most cases buying a single sub is cheaper.


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